The year of home improvements.

The new year always makes you over-confident right? We all meet the first of January with lists of things we are going to achieve and buckets of confidence that we will see them through. Sure enough, here I am 18th of January all my new years resolutions are long forgotten about. One thing that I am definitely going to stick out and see through to the end is redecorating our home.

I find that the build up to redecorating is so, so exciting. The possibilities are endless yet so rewarding! I see loads of beautiful homes and rooms on Instagram and Pinterest and I long to have my home looking just a smidgen of these.

This year I plan to make Shaniah’s room more of a little girls room style now that she is getting older. I love the idea of a pink and white themed room. I would have a pink feature wall with one of those gorgeous drape things that hang above the bed. As a child I always wanted one of those –  always! Did I get one? No. But I am determined to get Shaniah one. Nothing says princess like it right? I would also love to get her a lovely fluffy mat to put beside her bed, maybe even a bedside table? The ideas are endless for her room!

Next thing on the list would have to be my bedroom. I haven’t redecorated my room since we moved in and in all honesty I am dying to have my bedroom in some kind of grey theme. I am absolutely loving all the grey room photos over on Pinterest. They look so classy but at the same time they look like somewhere that is super easy to relax in. I am also loving velvet at the moment too so I would have to incorporate that in some way. Maybe on the bed? Scatter cushions will also need to make their appearance! I love them however Ryan doesn’t understand why you would want something that you have to remove every night then put back every morning. Some men just don’t get it!

Last on my list would have to be the lounge. The place where we spend the evenings chilling. I’m so used to the colour scheme in there now that I am dying to change it up. We’ve had the seating in there a long time now so the first thing that will be done in there is updating them. The walls are also very bare there is literally nothing on them except the remains of crayon that I have tried to scrub off! I would absolutely love to put up a few photos of the family. I take so, so many photos of them and yet they stay in my phone. Why not show them off? Shaniah’s toy area also needs sorting. Isn’t it crazy the amount of toys children have? They’re everywhere!

One thing I would love to change if I had the money (lets face it after doing most of the rooms in the house there’s no way I will have any spare!) is my windows. Replacement sash windows is my dream I just think that they look perfect in the countryside,  a proper lovely country-style home is my dream!

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