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Dancewear competition

A ballerina may look fragile, but she is stronger than you think.

The summer holidays are over, the children are back to school, all the hobby classes are back up and running and parents can resume to normality. Whatever that may be.

Shaniah has always been interested in dancing, from a very young age she would love her legs to the music. As soon as she was able to walk she would be doing all these different movements around the house. To this day she is still a massive fan of Strictly Come Dancing, which takes up her evenings during the autumn months.

Earlier this year, Shaniah grew increasingly interested in all things ballet, Angelina Ballerina, a programme which I used to love as a child vastly became a cartoon which Shaniah loves also. She then started asking for ballet things to add to her ever-growing dressing up station and eventually even that wasn’t enough, she wanted to do it for real.

Dancewear competition

We checked out local ballet classes and she hasn’t looked back since. Her confidence has rocketed since she first put on the Ballet shoes. Ballet has given her a new way to express how she is feeling and it’s keeping her fit whilst doing so.

Ballet Shoes to Shaniah are like paint brushes and pencils to artists. She couldn’t be without her Bloch Ballet shoes from Dancewear Central and now your little budding ballerina won’t have to either!

Competition time!

Dancewear Central is the UK’s number 1 dancewear specialist offering quality branded dancewear. Dancewear Central is a company run by dancers so they only stock top quality products as being dancers themselves, they know the need for well-manufactured dancewear.

Dancewear Central are running a competition where you are able to WIN a back to dance class bundle. You are able to choose from 2 back to class bundles, both worth over £40! They are giving away 4 bundles (2 of each) and will pick the winners on the 26th September.

Shaniah was given a Little Dancer Bundle which is one of the bundles you are able to win if you enter the competition. Inside the Little Dancer bundle is:

  • Bloch Sparkle Ballet Shoes worth £9.95
  • Little Ballerina Gingham Shoe Bag worth £4.95
  • Roch Valley vanity case with Katy motif worth £12.95
  • Little Ballerina ballet notebook and pen set worth £2.95
  • Little Ballerina Amelia party invitations worth £1.95
  • Tyrrell Katz Ballet pencil-case worth £5.95
  • Wear Woi tutu scrunchie worth £3.45
  • Danshuz bun cover worth £4.95

The other bundle, Teen Bundle, consists of:

  • Roch Valley Dance holdall worth £10.95
  • Like G pencil-case worth £7.55
  • Bloch hair kit tin worth £7.95
  • Like G A5 notebook worth £1.65
  • So Danca Pointe shoe key ring worth £4.95
  • Dancewear Central cotton shopper worth £1.95
  • Danzarte beauty bag worth £7.45.

There’s some pretty impressive goodies within these bundles aren’t there? For your chance to win, head on over to the Dancewear Central website where you can enter and also find out more!


Good luck!

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