I’ve Switched to Ocado and Here’s Why I Think You Should Too!

Okay, I used to spend my Wednesday mornings doing the weekly food shop and browsing the shops nearby. Overall, it was taking around 3 hours out of my day, that’s on average, 12 hours a month or, 2 whole workdays a month, where I am stood wandering the aisles of various supermarkets rummaging through products trying to find one with a long enough date that reflects my meal plans. Honestly, I began to fall out of love with the whole shopping to a meal plan thing. I knew that I needed to change things up. I had my reservations about online shopping, due to it all being out of my hands and the fact that previously I ended up with short shelf lives or no product at all which meant that I had to go out to a shop to purchase the right things which completely defeated the object anyway!

That’s when I came home from the school run to an Ocado voucher on my mat! I was willing to try them, I mean anything is worth trying once, right? So I did! And I haven’t looked back.

During the online shop.

The website is easy to use, even though it’s filled with one of the biggest range of products I’ve ever seen! From Ocado’s own brand to well-known brands, you’re sure to get the very best value, and with thousands of new offers added every week. With Ocado, it’s easy to save money and try something new. If that doesn’t make your ears prick up they’re always making sure we’re getting a good deal by checking our comparable shopping against other retailers. It more often than not costs less at Ocado, but on the rare occasion that it doesn’t, they’ll automatically send a voucher for more than the difference! Wow!


I have been using them for over a month now and honestly, I cannot go back to what I was doing before. I’ve used so many online shops for deliveries in the past and I think I’ve lost count how many times I’ve ended up with a substitute when using the other sites.
In the weeks that I have used Ocado, I have only ever had one substitute – some brioche burger buns!

On the morning of the delivery, I receive a text stating the time slot, my delivery drivers name, the name of the van and the registration of the van. Shaniah is a massive fan of these alerts, as the name of the van is a clue to what the van will have on it;
Raspberry van came covered in raspberries, and Lemon van came covered in lemons! She loves to spot our van and look for other vans when we’re out and about! Who knew vans could be such fun?

What’s more, the drivers go above and beyond and instead of just leaving the groceries on the doorstep, they ask you where you’d like them put – how awesome is that!

Another brilliant thing that I’ve found is that the shopping comes in crate liners/bags with fridge, cupboard and freezer on them depending on where the products go. Meaning the days of unpacking shopping into groups then putting them away is long gone! Even Shaniah is enjoying putting the shopping away!

If you keep your shopping bags until your next delivery then you can return them to the driver so that Ocado can recycle them and you will receive money off your shopping! Here’s a little tip, they also take any supermarket carrier bag and refund you, therefore, at 5p a bag, it quickly adds up!

Ocado Smart Pass

I have recently purchased Ocado’s Smart Pass, I purchased their anytime one which costs me 10.99 a month. I know this sounds rather expensive but, as well as waving goodbye to delivery charges, I will also save at least 10% on certain products, priority access to Christmas deliveriesexclusive 50% off sales and each year on my Ocado’versary they will send a gift! I have been paying 6.99 a week to book my Weekend slot, therefore, for me, 10.99 a month is a massive saving!

My overall thoughts.

There is nothing that I can fault Ocado on, it seems quite surreal to me that there are no cons but honestly, there really isn’t. Every delivery driver that has come to my door have been so friendly, they don’t act as though they are in a rush and the products that arrive have really good dates on them. Shaniah has also branded Ocado’s fruit ‘the best fruit ever!’. 
Ocado is everything that I’ve been looking for in a grocery delivery service

Disclaimer: This is not an ad, I haven’t been asked to post this. I simply wanted to, because when I find something that I believe is worth shouting about, I will.


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  1. 3rd March 2020 / 10:29 am

    I’ve been shopping online for years, but switched to Ocado a couple of years ago. It’s great – good service, good selection of products, and good prices!

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