When Do You Need A Solicitor

For some reason, hearing the word solicitor strikes a certain kind of ‘fear’ in some people. It is as if you can see the hint of worry set in their eyes at the mere thought. 

Why people react to it in such a way remains a mystery. However, solicitors are some of the very few individuals who will not stand back and take your problems and baggage, make it theirs and fight for you in the court so that you don’t have to stress about it.

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Solicitors deal and handle the essential things that need to be taken care of, which most people will turn a blind eye to. They provide you with expert legal advice, support, and guidance regarding essential matters such as conveyancing of property, divorce, children’s cases, and finance to set up your will.

They are the definition of “jack of all trades”.

Here are a few cases as to when you will need a Solicitor:

Buying and/or Selling a Property

The buying and/or selling of a home process is called conveyancing. Although buying or selling a property might sound easy as pie, sorry to break it to you; it is not easy at all. The process can be pretty overwhelming and stressful due to its complexity, legal aspects, and complications if the process is not followed correctly. 

Conveyancing involves numerous legal aspects when it comes to transferring the ownership of any property from a seller to a buyer. 

Having a skilled professional solicitor by your side through the various stages of this process will certainly give you peace of mind and less anxiety.

Getting a Divorce

To say that getting a divorce is a stressful experience is a complete understatement. To have a divorce finalised can take about five to six months for the whole process to be completed, that is if the divorce is straightforward. However, if not and one or both parties dispute the agreements or settlements, the process will take longer to be finalised, especially if there is custody over the kids and arguments over the money involved.

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There is a whole laundry list of applications and legal documents that needs to be completed and filed. Never mind the negotiations that need to occur between the two parties involved regarding the assets, money, and kids.

The whole process from A to Z can be profusely overwhelming, devastating and stressful. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a solicitor and financial advisor in your corner.

Making a Will

A good time to start writing your will is now, especially if you have kids or a partner who depends on you. Everyone has a timeline, and no one knows when it will be the end of their line. Therefore, having an up to date will is crucial. In your will, you should state what will happen to the property your own, the money you have and who will take care of your kids as of the day of your passing.

Your will must be valid and completed correctly. Otherwise, it will cause complications for your loved ones after you have passed. Should your will be invalid, the assets and funds will not be allocated as per your wishes.

For this reason, hire a solicitor to help you, give you some guidance, and ensure that your will is valid and that your loved ones are taken care of.


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