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Fathers day, what kind of dad is yours?

We are nearing June, I cannot believe it! We are almost half way through 2019. Now that is scary. June is one of the busiest months for present buying for me. It seems as though the majority of women in my family, decided to conceive at some point in September. If that isn’t enough, Father’s day is also in the month of June!

Now, like mothers day and every other ‘special’ day of the year, I am all for celebrating the day. For me, I find Father’s day a super special one. I love to scroll through social media and read all the lovely stories about peoples dads you see, dads come about in a variety of ways.

You have the biological dad that has been there from the day dot.
You have the stepdad, who although you may not be blood, they stepped up and loved you like their own when the other stepped down.
You have the grandad’s who feel like dads to you because well, they are just magical, aren’t they?
No matter how your dad came about, they are all uniquely special and deserve to be celebrated.

There is also a range of different types of fathers too and with Fathers day fast approaching I have listed the types of fathers and some gift ideas for each one. Who says I don’t help?

The workaholic dad.

Some may question whether this dad is super glued to his work chair or work phone. Truth is he is just grafting to make a better life for him and his family, his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed though, and you love him for it!
This dad can be found, typing frantically on their laptops or yelling down phones.

Best gift for these dads? Work-related gifts are always a hit. Whether that be a tie clip, notebooks, photo in a photo frame for his desk or maybe even a stationary set.

The ‘down with the kids’ dad.

We all know one, whether it’s our own or our best friends dad, they aren’t few and far between. These dads are the ones that don’t grow up. You can usually find his wife telling him to ‘act his age’ to which he will look back with ‘the look’. This dad does not want to grow up, he lives through the youngsters and absolutely loves it. These dads can be found right beside the younger generation or going down a slide ALONE.

These dads deserve the moon but truthfully, they will be more than happy to receive chocolate, a big jar of sweets, a football or maybe even your child’s brand new toy – they will love it!

The ‘safety first’ dad.

These dads take safety oh so seriously, I mean us mothers take it seriously but these dads have found a whole new level. They like to have their child safely attached to them by a ‘safety leash’. They make sure everything is at it’s safest before the said child uses it and they are an all-around great guy. These dads can be found centimetres from their child or sitting in on council meetings.

These dads would be absolutely over the moon to receive a notepad, the latest high tech safety gear or maybe a bottle of wine and a glass to calm his nerves.

The absent minded dad.

These dad’s, you have just got to love them, they have no idea what’s going on each day, have they locked the door or fed the kids? Who knows, but you can guarantee that they will never let you down. These dads can be found, usually wandering back and forth from the kitchen because they have forgotten what the went in for.

These dads truly deserve a pen and notepad, a book of their interest, cufflinks or a keyring.

The geeky dad.

This dad knows all there is to know about superheroes, and what he doesn’t know about star wars just isn’t worth knowing anyway. They may try to push their love of Spiderman or Han Solo on you but they love you all the same. These dads can be found fiddling around with the lightsabers in stores.

These dads would love, old comics, tickets to the cinema (they’ve probably already watched end game), a movie night in hamper or maybe even a keyring with your face or loving words on!

The overly proud dad.

These dads are one of a kind, they’re the ones that stand there cheering on their children from the sideline, they can sometimes be a little embarrassing, but we all know that everything is done in the name of love. These dads can be found praising his children on their facebook status.

These dads will be happy with anything personalised, there is a wide selection of personalised gifts on the internet that these dads would melt over.

The handyman dad.

These dads are more than happy to build you a wardrobe, these dads live for the IKEA trips so that they can get their toolbox out. These dads can be found down an aisle of B&Q.

These dads would be more than happy with new equipment for their toolbox, endless amounts of sweet treats or maybe even a voucher for a meal out. d.i.y can be hungry work.

No matter what kind of dad you may have, they are all uniquely special in there own way, treasure them.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by The Gift Co.

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