What is in our Christmas eve box?

Christmas eve is only 5 days away. Yep you read that right 5 days until the stress level of parents become unbearable and children seem to forget just how amazing sleep is. One tradition that we do on Christmas eve is of course the Christmas eve box. I never really know what to put inside these as her stocking is usually overflowing and any cute christmasy things that I find are usually given to her way in advance – yes i suck at that.


However, I have managed to keep a few things back for Christmas eve and this is what we’ve got.

Christmas eve box – Asda £2.50

Christmas eve box

I absolutely love this box! If you follow us on Asda you will notice that over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing things that look like my Nan.  It seems that my Nan is in fact Mrs Claus! When we saw this box we thought of Nan straight away so straight in our basket it went. Super cheap too right?

Our Christmas eve box


Play that tune. Tesco £6

Christmas eve box

We are Disney mad in this house. Shaniah knows quite a few songs from movies and is forever singing them! I think we purchased this game however more for us than her. oops!

Light up wand.Light up wand

We got a beautiful snow globe one of these last year from Card Factory however we couldn’t find any like that this year and a certain little lady was gutted. When we took a trip to finish off our Christmas shopping we managed to find this on a stall beside the ice skating rink. Although it isn’t what she was after it’s close enough.

Imperial Leather. Boots £2

Christmas eve box

Shaniah is unicorn mad, anything that has a unicorn on or is unicorn related in any way has to be purchased. She is obsessed! I can just imagine her delight when her two favourite things, bath and unicorns come together!

Paw Patrol  – Tesco £1 each

Christmas eve box

paw patrol plate

Shaniah is also a crazy Paw Patrol fan –  heck we even ended up calling the kitten Rubble… You can never have too many plates and cups right?

Olaf Frozen Adventure – Tesco £5

christmas eve box

We took shaniah to see this in the cinema. It was her first cinema experience and she absolutely loved it! As soon as I saw this in Tesco I just knew I had to get it.

Christmas Eve plate for santa – B&M bargains £1.99

Christmas eve box

This is the first year that shaniah actually seems to understand whats going on. The first year that she has asked if she can leave out some food for father Christmas. Of course we are super excited about this. When I saw this plate in B&m I just had to get it!

The Christmas Snowflake £19.99 from Wonderbly

christmas eve box

I absolutely love this book! It’s personalised for your child with all your family members included.

It comes in a beautiful Christmas gift box too. When I read this book I had tears, tears of joy. This book is so beautifully written and I cannot wait to read it to her on Christmas eve!

christmas eve box

We’ve also got some reindeer food (once we get round to making it) and we will have some popcorn when I remember to pick it up from the shop!


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