What is in my make-up bag? Spring edition!

14th April 2018

Make-up! I bloody love it. I can often be found surfing the internet for new products or even spending hours dawdling through the likes of Superdrug, Boots etc. I will admit, I am at my happiest when surrounded by make-up. Each season I change-up what is in my make-up bag because let’s face it, Orange eye-shadow in winter is not always a great look is it?

Spring has finally sprung so I recently swapped my nude shades for a few brighter and warmer colours. So this is what I have in my make-up bag this spring.

Spring make-up


L’oreal infallible mattifying primer. This is my favourite primer, I used it a while ago then decided I fancied a change but I always find myself running back to this. It gives me the perfect base for the rest of my make-up and it doesn’t result in break outs either. What a win!

NYX eyebrow gel. This is something that I have only recently discovered. Before I was using Freedom brow pomade which is also another great product but for me personally, I prefer the brow gel.

Revolution focus & fix liquid concealer. I love this concealer, for just £2 it works a treat and is certainly up there in the list of top concealers. It’s not overly thick but it does cover spots and other things that you don’t want seen.

Morphe Concealer. This is another favourite concealer of mine, at £6 it is a little more pricier than the Revolution one but I love it. It has medium to full coverage that you are able to build up and it can also be used to contour and highlight too! The perfect product to take on holiday with you when space is tight.

Ruby professional powder blush in Coral. This is obviously a blush but I found it a little to bright and orange to apply to my cheeks so I decided to use it as an eyeshadow. I have blue eyes so copper and orange colours make my eyes pop which is something that I love to do during the brighter spring months. This blush is actually extremely pigmented so a little goes a long way which is probably why it’s lasted so long I’m not overly convinced it’s still available to buy!

Collection lasting colour gel eyeliner. If you are a regular to my blog then you will know that I am a mega lover of all things gel, whether it’s to line my eyes or to fill in my brows, gel is always by my side. This gel eyeliner is something that I have continued to buy since I was in school! I have tried many other brands but for me I always run back to collection, it’s long-lasting and bold, the two things that I need from an eyeliner.

Maybelline Master ink liquid eyeliner. This liquid eyeliner is my fav! I know this sounds like a massive contradiction considering I have just said that I love gel eyeliner but truth be told, I use both! I cannot for the life of me use the gel on my eyelids so I use that to line the inside of my eyes because I always end up turning my eye black when I try to line the insides with liquid. Fail of all fails!

No7 Midnight lash mascara. The mother of all mascaras. I received this in a No7 christmas gift from Ryan’s parents a few years back and again I found myself buying it once it ran out. I used to wear about 3 different mascaras at the same time just to achieve the length that I desired however, since being introduced to midnight lash I now only need this which of course is better for my eyes! The volume that this creates is incredible.

make up

Revlon photoready airbrush effect foundation. I have only recently started using this foundation and if I will be honest, I ordered it because my usual wasn’t in stock but boy am I glad that my usual wasn’t in. The coverage is incredible and better still you can build it up meaning that you can basically get a new skin! I found this was also the closest to my skin care that I have managed to get a foundation. It dries to a matte effect and lasts a long time which is perfect for those busy days.

Maybelline mastercontour. THE BEST COMPACT CONTOUR KIT EVER! I love this product, as a family we go on holiday a lot meaning that the last thing I want to do is take a heck of a lot of make-up – I have too many shoes that need to join me, so you can imagine my excitement when Maybelline released the mastercontour stick. It is no bigger than your average lipstick yet it has both contour and highlight within – perfect! I love that it’s creamy and it blends superbly.

Rimmel Clear complexion powder. I love this product to set all my creamy make-up into place. It smells lovely too – win!

Morphe liquid lip. I love, love, love morphe’s lipsticks. They go on with ease and the colours are amazing! I recently wore a nude colour on a trip to a gig in london and I was incredibly surprised by just how long-lasting the lipsticks actually are! I applied it at around 9am and after numerous drinks and lunch it was still in place and not smudged at 11pm! I certainly cannot wait to add to my Morphe liquid lip collection.

Rimmel London insta fix & go setting spray. My favourite setting spray of all time! It also smells pretty lush too!


So that is what I have in my make-up bag for spring. What do you have?

Make up

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