What Colour Shoes Are Best Pairs For A Golden Dress?

Gold dresses are a league of their own. These sparkly creations can stand out anywhere that they are worn, which makes it a no-brainer option for young girls and fashionable women who want to look extra dazzling for their events. However, wearing an already attention-grabbing outfit means you have to be careful with your choice of accessories as it is easy to go overboard, from your shoes to your makeup.

So, for those who are looking at glitzy ensembles for homecoming or prom night, below are some stylish options when considering what shoes to wear with a sparkly dress:

1. Gold Shoes

Now this may come as an unexpected recommendation but a gorgeous pair of gold shoes can be the perfect complement to your gold dress. The key is to find the exact colour or shade of gold. If your dress features several shades of gold, choose the darkest or lightest tones and then find a pair of shoes that match these. Also, choose thin-laced or strapped gold footwear with a golden dress, as chunky shoes tend to look a bit too much and may be too sparkly an ensemble.

Plus, if you’re already wearing gold shoes with your sparkly number, avoid using a golden purse or wearing other gilt accessories to avoid an overload of shine and shimmer. Instead, go for simple jewellery and accessories that will not compete with or steal attention from your golden dress.

2. Nude Shoes

If you’ve already chosen your look from the 2019 gold homecoming dresses from Peaches Boutique but are uncertain whether you can pull off a gold-on-gold ensemble, nude shoes are the safest bets. Choose nudes that match the colour of your skin perfectly. By going for a nude footwear, you will draw attention to your dress and keep it there.

Plus, if you’re buying new footwear for these events, getting nude shoes means getting a staple pair that you can wear with just about every outfit. Makes for another worthwhile investment for the fashion conscious individual too.

3. Red Shoes

Did you know that red and gold actually make a beautiful pair? Apparently, this colour pairing is highly favourable fashion-wise that you can try different shades of red shoes with a gold dress. For example, a pale gold dress will look fabulous with dark red shoes while a yellow gold number is best complimented by a pair of poppy red shoes.

If your footwear features a combination of red and one other colour, you can choose an accessory that matches the latter colour for a harmonious overall look.

4. Black Shoes

Black goes well with just about every colour. This applies to gold too, thanks to the interesting contrast between black’s deep dark colour with gold’s bright metallic tone. Wearing black heels with a gold outfit can make an impressive statement when you choose your footwear well. For example, black suede shoes with a completely sparkly dress look really chic but not shiny black shoes that will draw attention to your footwear rather than your dress. Also, black accessories such as a black purse or neck piece would be preferred to complete this ensemble.

5. Silver Or White Shoes

Bright white, off-white, or silver shoes are trendy choices with golden dresses too. Albeit less contrasting than black and gold combinations, white or silver footwear keeps the entire attention on your dress. Silver is especially best for pale metallic dresses.

Make sure you keep your accessories in tune with your gold dress and white or silver shoes as well. A metallic silver clutch, for example, is best for formal events.

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