Weekend in review. 4/3/17

This weekend has been quite a boring one for us. The weather wasn’t the best which meant there was little we could do.

Friday evening: Ryan and I haven’t had us time for quite a while, although it doesn’t really bother us as we love spending time as three but when the chance comes up to spend time together we definitely take it. We decided we’d pop to our local pub and have a meal there as they’d brought out their new menu in the week. We both made an effort to look good for each other. We put Shaniah to bed (living with my mum has it’s bonuses haha!) And off we went. 

About half way there we noticed the traffic piling up as it was around rush hour alarm bells didn’t immideatly ring. It was only when we came a stop and after about 10 minutes we noticed that we hadn’t seen a single car drive past us. A few cars in front we turning around so Ryan was wondering whether he should do the same. Me being me was like ‘no, with all these cars turning around we will get to the front quicker right’ What a fool was I?  We got around the corner and their was indeed police turning cars around. So we decided we’d turn when we got the chance. 

Determined to not ruin the night we wrapped our brains to try and figure out where we could go now but truth be told we couldn’t actually think of anything else because we both had our hearts set on trying the new burgers. BURGERS that’s right we both wanted burgers… There’s only one other place to go if you want burgers right? 


As we were both dressed up we decided we would do the drive through and eat in the car. Gutted.

Saturday’s Ryan plays football for our town. The week had been a washout so the pitch wasn’t playable so instead of playing home he had to go and play in Cricklade. Which meant Shaniah and I had more time to ourselves than normal which is great. Our washing machine is broken but the bloke didn’t come out Friday when he was meant to go fix it. Arghh!  With a toddler that likes to wear food rather than eat it it meant we had a load of washing and no way of washing it. So with Ryan out for the day we decided we’d take a trip to my nans as she offered to do some washing for mum. Finally I don’t have to turn my undies inside out anymore(I don’t really do that)! 

Within minutes of getting to my nans Shaniah had the house upside down toys EVERYWHERE! How do they do it?

After we spent the morning at my nans we had to do the food shopping. Bloody hate doing that. I always end up forgetting things so I decided I’d start writing a list…I leave them at home.

We may have forgotten one days meal but we got cake so that’s a win right?

Sunday: It’s roast day! We decided this week we’d have chicken. Nothing beats a chicken  roast right? Add Yorkshire puddings you’re on to a winner.

If preparing and cooking a roast wasn’t stressful enough I decide I was going to make a cheesecake too! Blimey Tamara what’s happened to you?

Half way through the cheesecake and with a toddler clinging to my leg I started to get the feeling it was a bloody bad idea. 

I got there in the end and it all turned out perfectly.


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