5 Ways To Get Your Kids Into The Garden This Summer

I’m a 90’s baby, so possibly the last generation to spend every waking hour amongst the great outdoors. These days children seem to opt more fir gadgets over greenery, which I think is rather sad. When I think about the games us kids used to play in the street, games such as Kirby or Pole One. You know, the games which are met with quizzical faces when you mention them to your children.

I’m thankful that my eldest loves the great outdoors, although I am very aware that she is in an ever increasing minority. Here are 5 things that she loves to do in the garden, and hopefully, your children will too!

1. Give them their very own space in the garden.

Hidden deep down in every child is the love of planting seeds. Do you remember sunflower competitions at school? Offer them some easy-to-grow varieties of seeds, such as tomatoes, potatoes or peas. Flowers and herbs are also simple yet appealing to the youngest growers.

2. Create a nature feeding area.

This could be something as simple as a bird feeding area. You don’t even need to buy a fancy bird feeder, as there are many craft ideas online to make homemade feeders from recycling! Then all you need to do is buy bird food and encourage tour child to refill the feeders. My child loves to see the birds flock down after she has put out the food.

3. Offer water play.

I don’t think that there is a person, young or old, who doesn’t get excited when the water balloons or super soaker comes out.

It doesn’t have to be such competitive water play though, as a great outdoors activity that the youngsters in my family love is ‘washing up’. All you need is a simple bucket filled with soapy water and a sponge along with a few of their plastic toys or, if you’re brave enough, some of your garden ornaments or even their bikes, and they’re occupied for hours. The great thing about this activity? It dries! There’s no lasting ‘mess’ in the garden and everything ends up clean. What a win!

4. Have lunch in the garden.

Your kids don’t need to be playing to enjoy the fun of being outdoors, a simple lunch moved from the kitchen table to outside is a fantastic way of easing them outside. There’s just something about eating el fresco that kids absolutely love!

5. Get friends together and go to the local park.

You don’t have to have a fantastic fun garden for children to enjoy the outdoors. There are hundreds of local parks for you to take advantage of during the warmer days. Pack up a picnic, grab a couple of mum mates and their kids and make a day of it! National trust also have a fantastic variety of places with acres to explore!

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