Ways to Power Your Home With Sustainable Energy

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We are all becoming more conscious of the need to become eco-friendly. Without pondering about it, you may already be doing the little things such as recycling your rubbish. Though a small change, us all doing it, is slowly having an impact.

With all the headlines and news reports of the damaging impacts that our actions over the past hundreds of years have had on our world, its no wonder that we are all starting to look at ways in which we can save our planet. There are lots of different ways in which we can make changes – some big, some small but all equally as important.

Install solar panels on your home.

Photo by Vivint Solar from Pexels

For households who want to become eco-friendly, solar panels are a massive help. They are a long term investment and although, at first it may seem as though you’re forking out a tonne of money, in the long term you may find yourself saving more money than you initially spent. In some places, you may even be able to receive a solar panel grant.

There are some cons to the whole solar power thing, as of course, solar power only works when the sun is up. So, should you wish to power your home when the sun is down, you’re going to need to pay to use grid electricity or simply invest in a second type of renewable energy.

Wind Turbines

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of wind (like I do), this would be perfect for you. Although they can be quiet, they aren’t as in your face as solar panels. I am not talking about those massive turbines that you see driving through the countryside, I’m talking small ones that are attached on the side of your home.

Solar water heating

Solar-powered water heaters are similar to the solar panels that I mentioned earlier, however, instead of producing electricity they heat water.

Popular Mechanics mentioned: “This system is much cheaper than using gas or electricity to heat your water and is easier to install than solar panels. If you’re not willing to completely commit to powering your entire home with renewable energy, solar water heating is a good alternative to help slash your monthly energy bill”.


If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with a water supply on your property, you may wish to consider hydro. Hydro captures the energy from the water, also known as hydroelectric power.

A simple small stream with good running water would be perfect. It doesn’t need to be Mississippi.

Whatever you choose, research is key. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to sustainable energy systems. To get the very best outcome you need to think about what will work well in your area. For instance, if you live somewhere that isn’t windy – a wind turbine would be utterly pointless.

There are lots of websites that give informative information to help make sure you make the right decision. Douglas Healy has a brilliant article about sustainable energy.

Another key thing to think about is how long you plan to stay in your current home. If you are thinking short term, you may wish to consider whether you will be able to make back the amount of money that you invest before you leave.

Would you consider powering your home with sustainable energy? 


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