5 Ways To Make Moving House Easier.

When it comes to moving house, it’s fair to say, it’s not always smooth sailing. Here are my tips to make moving home a lot easier.

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Are you planning a big house move? This is equally one of the most exciting, yet totally unnerving times if your lives. These tips cover everything from how to make packing easier, to what you should do when you arrive at the other end.

1. Always declutter before moving day.

There is absolutely no point in filling a lorry full of stuff you simply do not use and quite frankly don’t actually want. If you ever needed the perfect time to shrink your clutter, now is the time! With Facebook market place, Vinted and so many more apps that are similar. You’ll make yourself some pocket money, perfect for getting the bes house looking the way that you want.

2. Storage boxes

Take those cardboard boxes out of your baskets and be more savvy. These days you don’t need to buy boxes. Simply go to your local supermarkets and ask for boxes. The majority of their stock comes in boxes that they’re only going to chuck away, give them a new lease of life and help the planet at the same time. Another place to get free boxes is Homebase/b&q and also ask on pages on Facebook, chances are there is someone on there who has just made their move and is stuck under a pile of empty boxes waiting for recycling day!

3. Book a removal company.

You will never be short on removal companies there are loads! But what you need to check is what they offer for your hard earned cash. Some companies loan a van for you to do all the work, others drive the van for you and occasionally you’ll come across a real diamond, like M25 Group who will not only arrive with a fully equipped van, but who will also calmly pack up your things, load it onto the van and then reverse the process at the other end. Which I’m sure you can imagine, is worth it for your sanity and of course, your relationship.

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4. Unpack your kitchen and linen first.

nothing is worse than getting to your new home and realising that you’ve got a load of bedding to find before you can call it a day. By unpacking these first, you’re more than likely to sort the beds there and then, ready for a good night’s sleep.

Equally with the kitchen, it’ll stop you ordering take-outs for the foreseeable! It’ll also make you feel settled in to see just one room unpacked!

5. Pack a suitcase with necessities for the next few days.

This tip was a god send when I last moved. There is nothing worse than getting to your new home and not being able to find your face wash or your tablets or simply even your pants! By packing these things into your suitcase you can take them along with you in your car meaning you won’t have to wait for it to come off the back of the van.

Have you got any more fantastic tips for moving day? Drop them on the comments below.

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