Valentine’s Day Ideas For The One You Love

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, but if the pressure of pulling out all the stops in the name of love with added lockdown has left you in a bit of a tizz, I have a load of date and gift ideas coming up for you.

Being in lockdown doesn’t mean that you can’t make Valentine’s day ’21 a special one. These ideas will help you make sure that your day goes as well as it possibly can.

Have breakfast in bed.

For me, nothing is better than an opportunity to spend longer in the bed, and well, if it also includes food, then what is not to like?

Breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a simple extra hour in bed with a couple of crumpets and all the coffee, and probably Rick and Morty if he gets his way.

Take a trip down memory lane.

The past few months have been tough, they’ve been tough on everyone and I will be the first to hold my hands up and admit that I haven’t been the best partner lately. I think this is something I will do, one of my very first memories with Ryan were at a local park, just a simple stroll, but it was just him and me, I felt safe, and although it was just a walk the memories make me so happy, and better still, it’s COVID-19 compliant – perfect. Why not relive some of your favourite moments together by going back to a place that brings you happy memories, or maybe even recreating a special date night together.

So, with that being said, if any year was the year to do this, I am certain 2021 is definitely up there.  

Have an at home movie night or movie marathon.

Lockdown has meant that we have had so many spare hours knocking around that many of us have found comfort in movies, maybe it’s the fact that they have the power to transform us to places a million miles from the place that we currently find ourselves in, and that, for a couple of hours at least, the world doesn’t seem so gloomy. Dim the lights, grab the popcorn and act like you’re on the back row at the cinema if you know what I mean!

Make giving the gift of Chocolate more lavish.

I hear you, you are looking at the screen like come on Tamara, chocolate is chocolate and ever such a last-minute thing. WRONG. So, so wrong. Let me introduce you to ChocFACE*, ChocFACE is essentially a 21st century Willy Wonka, they take any photos you please and turn them into a box of chocolate photos!

There are 6 chocolates in each box, 5 smaller ones (I say small, they really aren’t that small), and then one large one. The chocolate consists of Belgian chocolate bases, then a white chocolate layer before finally being finished off with a chocolate photo printed on the top in ‘edible colour’.

The clarity in the photo’s is utterly mind-blowing, it’s like going to a photo development store and having a photo printed out on photo paper or simply looking at photos on your phone. I for one, have never seen anything like. Both my partner and daughter had to repeatedly ask me if they were able to eat the photo on the top as they couldn’t get their heads around the clarity. Mind blowing right?

You can purchase your very own box throughout the year from their website, for £14.99.

Book a spa day.

I know this is something that cannot be enjoyed right away, but what couple doesn’t enjoy a good pamper session? The great thing about this is that, although you cannot enjoy this straight away, it gives you something to look forward to once we are out of lockdown, and also, it helps keep businesses afloat in the current climate.

Another lovely idea is to bring the spa home to you! Why not put together a little gift bag filled with some great products that you can both enjoy. I love to create pamper packs, not only for my little girl but also for the bigger girls in my life. Some really great products to include are:

  • Hair products, such as mini shampoos. hairspray or heat protection.
  • Hand gel, need I explain why.
  • Face masks, foot and hand masks are also brilliant!
  • Sudocrem*. Many people think this is just to protect babies bottoms but actually, they are a must-have in any handbag. Got a spot? Apply some of the Sudocrem on and it will sort it out. Fancy going all out with this? Sudocrem have a dedicated website where you can buy a personalised little pot with your loved one’s name, perfect!

Recreate an old photo.

I love seeing families recreate photo’s that they originally took when their children were younger, Facebook is full of them at the minute, and I am totally digging it. If you have been in this relationship for a while then why not recreate a photo that was taken during the early days, grab the outfits that you wore (or an outfit as close to what the photo has) and recreate it. Don’t try too hard to make it perfect, just have fun! Who doesn’t enjoy a throwback snap?

Have a cosy date night.

If food is the way to you or your partner’s heart, there is nothing better than a takeaway and some nice tasting adult juice. My favourite drink at the minute is Mermaid pink gin*, I find that this boasts a delightfully sweet flavour with a rose hue, pair it with lemonade and you cannot go wrong.

Close those curtains, grab a sexy or comfortable outfit (no judgements here), light a few candles, grab a takeaway, grab your favourite tipple and spend quality time with the one you love. I love cosy date nights any time of the year but there is just something about February 14th that makes it even more enjoyable.

Go for a romantic walk.

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach and it doesn’t break any local lockdown rules, a nice walk across the sand would make for the most perfect day, grab some fish and chips, and sit on the promenade while you reminisce over the year that was. If like me, you are nowhere near a beach a local park and a picnic is just as good!

Bubbles with bubbles (or gin).

Nothing says I love you more than running the love of your life a nice warm bath with endless amounts of bubbles both inside the tub and inside a glass. Scatter some rose petals in the bath and light some candles, the mood will well and truly be set.

Write a letter.

Let’s face it, Valentine’s day means that nothing is ever too soppy. It’s a day where you can go all out, and everyone will love you for it. Why not write a little letter about everything you love not only about your partner but also about your relationship, memories that you cherish to this day along with all the cute things your partner does? If writing letters isn’t your strong point. I absolutely love these posters from Mapiful* which has the exact formation of the stars in the sky above your chosen place on your chosen day.

Afternoon Tea.

There’s something about afternoon tea which I find so elegant and romantic. They are super easy to recreate at home too. Simply make some sandwiches in finger shapes, I like to include some chocolate covered strawberries and then finish off with some cupcakes, these cupcakes are from a lovely company called Bradford’s bakers*, who actually sell ready-made afternoon tea sets if making your own isn’t your thing.

Buy your partner a new full outfit.

Hands up who has been living in their comfies since way back in 2020? *raises hands with no shame*. I think this year would be the perfect year to surprise your partner with a new outfit, despite not being able to show it off anywhere other than the supermarket, at present, I think a new outfit would be the perfect addition to one of the things I’ve mentioned above. I am currently loving:

Gifts for the car.

In the year where commutes were largely cancelled, why not gift the car (and your loved one) something for the car, so that when various lockdowns and quarantines are but a distant memory, they can get back behind the wheel in style. There are a lot of car accessories on the market at the minute, one thing that I was introduced to and currently have a crazy obsession with is Carfume*, they have a wide range of in-car fragrances ranging from popular men’s and women’s perfume to their limited edition Love Hearts scented fragrance, which smells exactly live the popular sweets! I currently have this installed in the family car and I will not lie to you, I head out to the car just to have a smell!

Once you are finished you are able to recycle the cork and bottle meaning they’re perfect for the environment too! What could be better?

Have you got any Valentine’s Day plans this year?

Items marked with an '*' are products that have been gifted to me in return for this article. Please rest assured that I only ever include items that I personally use and that I would recommend.

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  1. aphoenixac
    8th February 2021 / 12:50 pm

    Wow! What a load of brilliant ideas! I love the sound of the spa one, I agree it is so vital to support businesses in times like this.

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