What Type of Travel Is For You?

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Taking a trip anywhere in the world is always an exciting time. However, everyone has their definition of what makes a trip enjoyable. Some people prefer to spend their entire time on the move, exploring ancient ruins, sampling the local cuisine, and learning about the history of their destination without stopping.

Others prefer to laze on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. Some enjoy a bit of both fast-paced action and relaxation. But what is often not considered is the type of travel that’s right for you. 

Do you prefer to keep it simple and go with your partner or best friend, do you prefer the energy that radiates from travelling with an ever-expanding group, or, would you rather go your own way? They all have their advantages, but also disadvantages, so let’s take a look.

A Couple’s Trip

A couple’s trip doesn’t have to be romantic, and often, couples’ travel is as platonic as two lifelong friends or siblings checking out all the wonders of the world. By travelling with just two people, you can often save a bit of money, or at least live a little more luxuriously if you’re willing to share a hotel bed, over taking a dorm bed each.

You will always have someone to talk to, and with just one other person in your group, it’s easy to come to compromises over what you want to do. You’ll often find that the stalemate of big group travels is down to too many people wanting to do different things at the same time, and this means you’ve got to make a decision. Thankfully, it’s unlikely that this happens with couples’ travel.

However, too much time spent with just one person can get on your nerves, especially if you don’t know them that well. A lot of friends opt to not travel with one another for fears of damaging their friendship, but if you’re going on a shorter trip, like a month or so, you should get on just fine.

An Ever Growing Crowd

You may find that the further you go, the more people you pick up along the way. These informal groups of travellers find themselves in the same place every time, and the longer you spend together, the closer you all get.

Whether its backpacker groups who hop between tropical islands or if you’d prefer something a little more organized with group tours to China, this type of travel gives you the chance to meet so many people that it would be surprising if you remembered everyone’s name.

The energy of the group can transform those lazy and maybe dull days around the hotel or hostel into something much more exciting. There’s always something happening, and you can also trust that you’ve got someone to call on and meet up with should the group taper off and get separated along the way. They say that travelling friends are some of your best, and with group travel, you’ll likely always have some connection to this group even in parts of the world you don’t expect, and that’s always a pleasant surprise.

Going Solo

They say if you want to go fast, then go alone, and while a lot of people might consider solo travel to be a little lonely, it puts you in complete control of what you do, where you go, and how long you stay there.

While group and couple’s travel can be fun, sometimes you want some time to yourself, and nothing is stopping you from joining up with an existing group for trips and tours and nights out, only for you to retreat to your solitude when it’s all said and done.

Going solo on your travels can be liberating. However, there is a safety aspect to consider. You’re more vulnerable when travelling alone. You don’t have anyone watching your back, and if you find yourself lost, dazed, or confused, it can be a challenge to get the right idea of where you are. This shouldn’t put you off solo travel too much though, and if you know what you want from your trip, there’s no point in dragging someone else along who might not want the same.

Your Trip, Your Rules

Everyone has their definition of what makes their travel experience perfect, and only you will understand exactly what you want. However, even if you believe that one way is the best one for you, it might be that you realize halfway through that you’d prefer something else, and that’s okay. If there’s one thing that everyone loves about travel, it’s the ability to be flexible and to grow.

Disclaimer: This is a Collaborative post.


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