Weekend away at Twitchen House.

We are a lover of The Sun holidays and regularly take advantage of them as a cheap getaway for our family at the end of the year. This year we are lucky to get the chance to pop down to Woolacombe a place where I went when I was younger. Although, Twitchen house is a new park to us all it is owned by Woolacombe Bay which has always been excellent for children.

Friday 27th October 2017

We woke up super early and excited for what the weekend had in store for us. Before we could set off on our journey we had to do a few chores first, something that Shaniah was far from keen on, she just wanted to go! 12 noon hit and we were ready to go! We picked up my brother and dad on the way and off we headed. The sat-nav alerted us to a road closure so we ended up going the scenic route. We were all a little peed off that the journey was going to take a lot longer than we had originally thought however, our opinions soon changed when we were met with some absolutely gorgeous views! It seems that the sat-nav had taken us along the coast – the perfect photo opportunity!

The en route scenerythe en route scenery

Just gone 4pm we arrived. We were handed our weekend passes, keys and a pretty awesome car sticker then we headed off in search for our home for the weekend. The layout is pretty straight forward, each and every caravan was easy to find however, the one thing that lets the place down is the lack of parking spaces around the caravans but apart from that the first impressions were right up there. We made our way to our caravan and it was spotless. The housekeeping staff have certainly paid attention to every little detail and it shows.

Our caravan viewsthe tv in the lodgethe loungedining areakitchenkitchenmaster bedroom

The views from our caravan are certainly eye-catching especially at night when the sun is setting. We headed to the amusements where the youngsters spent way more than they probably should have but hey it’s holiday time!

playing with the 2p machine

We popped in to the on-site restaurant for our dinner which was absolutely beautiful and then headed back to the caravan for a well deserved rest!

Saturday 28th October 2017

We were all met with a 5am wake up call thanks to Shaniah who was complaining that she was cold. However, with a quick touch of the heating booster our caravan was sporting 23° heat for the next 2 hours which meant we could all get some more much needed sleep. When we all finally woke up we took a trip down to the restaurant again where we all had a yummy fry up!

fry up

With our stomachs full we decided to take a walk down to the beach. We all thought it was closer than it actually was however, a 10 minute walk isn’t so bad when you’re walking through the valleys!

Walking through the valleys

The views on our way down were simply beautiful.

our views someone got lazy!

We finally arrived at the beach… Sort of!

Steps to the beach

We had a few steps to climb down first. When we eventually got our feet in the sand we were in awe of the gorgeous views. Although this part of the beach was small and had no amusements or shops it was actually quite a welcomed change. It was really nice to see the youngsters actually interested in what the beach front had to offer instead of just the shops and 2p machines.

beach front The beach front the beach front the beach front

The views here are absolutely breath-taking. Ryan and Ashley decided to make a Dam which kept them occupied for absolutely ages.

building a dam building a dam

Whilst the boys did that Shaniah and I took advantage of our gorgeous scenery and had a little bit of a mini photo shoot.

Shaniah on the rocks Shaniah on the rocks Shaniah on the rocks

About 100 photos in (yes I get snap happy!) The boys came over and requested a “lads” photo which of course Shaniah had to join in.

the lads

A photo shoot wouldn’t have been complete without a funny face photo right?

Crazy faced boys

With everyone in the photo taking mood we decided to take advantage and grab an up to date family photo. I hate to admit that taking photos of the 3 of us together is something we very rarely do. It was actually really nice to have photos of us that we can look back on.

Family photo family time

After the photos were complete we had one last look around the beach. We found the inspiration to one of Ed Sheeran’s latest songs…

Castle on the hill

We even found some Limpets and Whelks!


We even found a pretty special cliff, can you see why?


After spending the morning here we decided to head back up to base. Blimey, the walk back was so much harder than it was walking down! It’s all up hill and I didn’t have my puffer! it is fair to say that we were all suffering. At one point I even contemplated just laying down for an hour then carrying on but I was not defeated and we conquered it in bloody good time, worn out, breathless, tired and extremely parched!

We got back to the caravan and we all downed some water had a snack and then pondered about where we could go for dinner. To be honest, after the earlier walk I preferred the idea of cooking something myself. With everyone in agreement we set of to Tesco which was about 7 minutes away and we headed in to find inspiration for tonight’s dinner. It’s usually difficult to find a meal that one fussy eater would eat let alone two! Thankfully, Spaghetti Bolognese is loved by all so that is what we went with.

Later that evening, dad said he’d have Shaniah whilst Ryan and I got some time to ourselves. We originally thought that a game of bingo was on the cards however, as it was Halloween dress up night, we couldn’t get a seat so that was out of question. Instead we went into bar 51 (the restaurant) and had a share starter and a drink each. No sooner than we had finished Woolacombe Bay let off some fireworks so we headed out to check them out.

Woolacombe bay fireworks

After all the excitement we headed back to the caravan to settle down for the night.

Sunday 29th October 2017

We all seemed to have a lay in, maybe it was the Sunday vibes?

As today was our last day we decided to check out the rest of the parks that Woolacombe bay own. Yes that is right. When you book a holiday with Woolacombe bay and you purchase the passes, you get to go into their other 3 parks as well! so essentially, you get 4 holidays for the price of 1! We decided to check out Golden Coast first as that one seemed to have a lot of things that we all wanted to do.

When we arrived, we were surprised by the fact that this campsite seemed to have brick holiday homes, no lodges or caravans in sight. That is pretty cool!

brick holiday homes

Ashley noticed the diggers and rushed over to them to have a go, Shaniah too wanted a go so Ryan got on with her, however as soon as the pound was put in Shaniah decided that she no longer wanted to ride on the digger and off she got, leaving Ryan to enjoy it himself.

Digger fun

The clouds came over head so we decided to go inside and have a drink in hopes that by the time we had all finished, the rain may have gone away!

When we got in we found out that they had a circus activity on, where the youngsters could try out a few things. Ashley went straight for the spinning plate trick and Shaniah went straight to the hoola hoop.

Shaniah with a hoola hoop

With those two occupied we decided to take our time with our drinks and relax for a little bit. When the activity was over we regrouped and headed back out to check out the park. We noticed 9 hole golf so decided to give that a go. I have secretly been wanting to do this since we arrived! Shaniah loved playing it and was surprisingly very good at it!

9 hole golf 9 hole golf

After we finished looking around we headed to a local pub Cook Island for our dinner. The price was extremely reasonable and the play area kept Shaniah amused whilst we waited. Ashley and I had a roast, dad had chilli, Ryan had a Stilton beef burger and Shaniah had sausage and chips!

roast carvery kids sausages stilton beef burger chilli

And chocolate brownie for pudding!

Chocolate pudding

With our bellies full to bursting point we headed back to the campsite where we headed down to the disco! The entertainment here is super incredible for all ages. The youngsters can let their hair down and throw some shapes on the dance floor whilst the adults can sit at the tables and have a catch up. The staff are extremely friendly and lots of fun too. My daughter absolutely loved her evening as did my 12-year-old brother.

Dancing at the discobilly beachball betty and billy beachball

Shaniah was star struck when Betty Beachball came to the stage as she had fallen in love with her Betty teddy earlier in the day.

Time to go back to the caravan now for we have a long journey home tomorrow.

Monday 30th October 2017

The time has come to head home, we were all a little deflated today. Our time here has been great, the memories will last a lifetime. We packed everything into our car and headed on our way.

We stopped at Cook Island pub again they do a great deal which is an all you can eat breakfast! I was super excited for this and I wasn’t disappointed. There was so much to choose from and it tasted great. With our stomachs full we headed off on our journey home.

We had such a great time here at Woolacombe Bay, there is so much to do for all ages and interests. There is no denying that this is now our favourite place to go with the family and we will certainly be doing it again soon, only this time we will go away for more than a weekend as there is so much to explore and do here you cannot possibly get it all done in a weekend.

* Disclaimer: This post is in no way linked to Woolacombe Bay or Cook Island. I simply enjoyed my holiday and know how much a good family holiday means to so many families. All opinions and photos are my own.

Woolacombe bus


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