Tropicana little bottles review.

dsc00609Tropicana have brought out their juice in little bottles perfect for children’s lunchboxes! I first noticed these during my shop at ASDA and just had to but them.

They come in two flavours,

  • Orange without bits
  • Apple

Tropicana little bottles have no added sweeteners or sugar which makes them one of yours and your little ones 5 a day. great right?

We gave them a try and they’re great! I love the fact that they are little bottles as it makes for great drinks to take out on our trips with us. The one thing my little girl did find though was that the pressed apple version was a little to sweet for her but she loves the orange one so that didn’t really bother me too much.

Right now they’re running a promotion to try and encourage people to have their 5 a day. if you buy two packs then upload your receipt to their website they will send you a little glass (pictured) absolutely free you don’t even have to pay for postage!

I definitely recommend these little beauties for anyone with little children as they’re not only practical for lunches but they’re healthy too! You will find these in your local supermarket.

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