Our weekend getaway to Trevornick, Cornwall.

Growing up I was forever going camping with my parents, mainly up in the beautiful Suffolk town Mildenhall. However, Ryan has been staying in static caravans in Newquay, Cornwall since the beginning of time. Newquay has a wide range of camp sites which cater for those that love angling which of course Ryan does so very much. The beautiful thing about Cornwall is the fact that there is something for everyone here, no matter what you are in to.

We have recently been introduced to the wonderful world of glamping, it’s pretty much camping with all the luxuries such as electricity thrown in.

We were kindly invited down to Trevornick in Cornwall for a weekend stay in one of their Eurotents. I won’t lie we were super excited and the weekend couldn’t come quick enough.

Trevornick is a 5* family owned campsite, with over 600 camping and touring pitches, 36 fully equipped Eurotents, and new for 2018, 26 top range static caravans. 

Arriving at Trevornick!

The drive down was super straight forward and relaxing. We had a couple of stops so that Shaniah could use the bathroom but even still we managed to get there in just under 4 hours. Once we got into Cornwall. Trevornick, or rather Holywell bay was greatly sign posted which meant that we were able to find our way in quick time.

entrance to trevornick

Once we had been given our welcome pack we were then escorted to our Eurotent by the funniest guy on a moped I have ever met. One of the first things that stood out about Trevornick is how utterly friendly and approachable the staff were. The guy welcomed us into the tent where we would be staying for the next couple of days then got chatting to Ryan about the fishing ponds that were conveniently just down a bit from where our tent was pitched.

The eurotents were actually really spacious and warm which was perfect as there is nothing I hate more than being cold, especially at night, I turn into such a grumpy mare and that’s not great for anyone.

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After we unpacked and settled in, Ryan was itching to go and check out the fishing lakes. He is obsessed! We walked down and Ryan was impressed. It’s not something that you would fish every single day of the holiday but during the summer, it would be a lovely place to spend an afternoon. Each lake is nicely filled with a range of Carp and the lakes look well looked after. They also hold occasional Competitions for both adults and children where either money or vouchers are won and a scrumptious BBQ is fired up to feed those rumbling tums.

 fishing Lakes at Trevornick

We headed back up to our tent before we headed out to Morrisons which is situated about a 10 minute drive from camp. We needed to pick up a few bits and bobs but importantly we had to purchase a potty. Although the toilets aren’t too much of a walk, they are a fair walk for a child that only tells you she needs to use the bathroom with seconds to spare.

Toilets and Showers.

Wow. I have never, EVER come across shared amenities cleaner than those found at Trevornick. They are gleaming! They are regularly cleaned which is so clear and make the whole experience so much more relaxing. There is nothing worse than going in to the bathroom and finding toilet paper on the floor or unidentifiable wet patches with toilet seats hanging off. The Toilets at Trevornick are on the complete other end of that scale. I cannot fault anything about these facilities.

Shower rooms i

Night soon drew in on our first day here so we decided to grab a bite to eat from Fodders Takeaway which you could also eat in if you fancied, we decided to eat back at our tent though. Fodders Takeaway is open and serving food from 5pm right the way through to 9pm meaning that there is plenty of time for you to grab your dinner no matter what time you choose to have it.

Fodders seatin order

We glanced through the menu and made our choice. Ryan went for fish and chips, Shaniah went for Sausage and chips from the kids menu and I went for a chicken burger and chips, it came to a little over £15 which I didn’t think was too bad. We did have to wait a little while for the food to be ready but as we arrived a few minutes after opening we weren’t overly bothered and it was expected. Back at the Eurotent we plated up and tucked in. Shaniah loved her meal, I thought mine was nice but it didn’t have the wow factor and Ryan on the other hand wasn’t a fan of his. Being near the sea he assumed that the fish would be nice and fresh, however in his opinion, it tasted no different to the frozen fish that we buy during our weekly shop, which was a little disappointing.

Once we had all finished, we settled down for the night. Shaniah had her own room and to make sure that she was warm all night we bought along her Dalmatian snuggle sac by Room to Grow which we all absolutely love! Shaniah regularly uses it at home on hot days where a duvet will be just too warm. Shaniah cuddled down in her snuggle sac and we tucked in the duvet. I don’t know if it was the sea air or what but we all managed to grab a good nights sleep (after Love Island of course!).

Morning has broken…

Whilst we were eating our breakfast we decided to see what we could do today, the weather wasn’t that great so we assumed that our options were pretty limited. After a quick flick through the flyers that were in our welcome pack we decided on Blue Reef Aquarium down in Newquay. There was a money off voucher in one of the flyers so our day was made even cheaper, what a holiday win! 

Blue reef aquarium building

We headed down and had a look around, admission was £30 for the three of us but with the voucher it was £26 which was in my opinion really steep when the aquarium was over within 30 minutes, if that. The gift shop was great value for money however and Shaniah really enjoyed her time and Ryan enjoyed her asking him about all the different fish species.

After we had looked around we decided to head to Newquay beach which Blue Reef is conveniently situated on. I love coming to Newquay beach each year with Ryan and his family but it was so lovely to spend time here just the three of us. The views are absolutely incredible, they always are.

bridge between two cliffs

After a gorgeous Cornish pasty from Morris bakery we headed back to base. Shaniah and Ryan were keen to try out the swimming pool which was sadly shut so we headed to Holywell Bay fun park which Ryan has fond memories of growing up Riding around on floating tanks firing at his brothers. Although that ride is sadly long gone there were lots of other things to entertain both children and adults. Shaniah noticed the racing cars and pleaded with Ryan to take her on them… TWICE!

riding a racing car

Before we headed to the maze (which although Ryan had been through it many times before he was still utterly useless at) we decided to stop for an ice-cream at Daisy’s ice-cream parlour which was sadly also shut. After the maze we headed to the crazy golf which was where it was discovered that Shaniah has inherited my competitiveness and taken it to a whole ‘nother level.

A great few hours were spent here and boy was it fun, I am just so glad the rain stayed away long enough for us to have a real good time. Before we headed off we decided to have another go on the racing cars, this time I joined in, I don’t know if it was me or the car (it was 100% me) but Ryan and Shaniah overtook me numerous times as I snail paced myself around the track. What a great afternoon out Holywell Bay fun park is.

That evening…

We decided to head off camp for dinner. We were originally going to go to Table Table however, like the idiots we were we didn’t realise that it was fathers day and so the restaurant was packed and we were unable to get in, so we headed back to the car and put our heads together as to where we could go next. Neither of us had a clue so we whipped out our trusty mobiles and with a quick search we found Rick Stein’s restaurant in Newquay beach front.

Menu for Rick Steins restaurant boiled fis Jelly and Ice-cream

The food here was THE nicest meal I have had in ages, Shaniah absolutely loved her fish and rice and after trying a bit Ryan and I loved hers too! How cute was the children’s pudding? Jelly and ice-cream (my favourite) they even make the jelly into little fish – Super cute! 

With our stomachs filled to the brim, we headed back to our Eurotent ready to settle down for the night – not before my fix of Love Island.

Our last day.

I cannot believe how much fun we have had on our little adventure. We all woke up a little gutted that it was the last day. The weather was somewhat better today so we headed down to Holywell bay beach which is one of the beaches featured in Poldark. Last year we took a look around Charlestown which has also featured in Poldark, so it was lovely to visit another place within the famous programme.

Holywell Bay beach is the most beautiful beach I have come across, we climbed the hill as we were unaware that you are able to walk around it but even still, the walk was beautiful. Once we had made our way on to the beach, the shoes came off and Shaniah and Ryan rushed to make awesome sand castles. There’s just something about being at the beach that brings out the happy within people.

The hill Ryan and Shaniah on the beach

After spending the morning living our best lives out on the beach we reluctantly had to head back to gather out things before we head home. A little while later our car was packed so we headed down to Woody’s for a spot of lunch before we embarked on our 4 hour drive home.

Woody’s was absolutely spot on, the presentation was top-notch and the food was super tasty. One thing I would have preferred was if Woody’s was where Fodders Takeaway is as Fodders is more accessible yet the quality just isn’t there whereas Woody’s is infallible yet it’s slightly hidden in its current location.

Shaniahs food

Overall Verdict

What can I say? This place is amazing! Trevornick is the place where memories are made and family holiday traditions begin. No matter what you are interested in, no matter whether you have children or dogs Trevornick will cater you. We cannot wait to return, especially Shaniah who was a blubbering mess as we left the holiday camp.

To all who work there, keep doing what you’re doing – You’re great!

Everyday Extraordinary.

Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted a 3 night stay in one of Trevornick's Eurotents in return for a honest review. All opinions are my own.

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