Treasuring Memories with Max Photo.

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Times are changing. I often look back on my childhood and compare it to the likes of my teenage brother or even my daughter. Truth is, the world as we know it is changing. The childhood that we had is unlike anything the younger generation is used to. Talk to a child today about how you used to take it in turns to rewind a film with a pencil and a VHS and they will look at you like you’re from another planet. Mention photo albums and they will ask you if you are referring to Facebook or Instagram. Growing up in our day is almost the complete polar opposite to that of children today.

Recently, my mum was sorting out the loft when she came across a box full of photo albums upon photo albums of my childhood. There were so many albums I wondered whether there was a photo for every day that I have been on the planet. It wasn’t just photo albums there were sleeves upon sleeves of pictures and negatives (we really are going back years now!) It was then that I realised how different my parenting is. It’s not that I haven’t taken pictures of Shaniah, lord knows I take hundreds, after all, it is also part of my job. One thing that I have noticed though is how I have become somewhat reliant on social media, heck, I’d go as far as to say I take it for granted. I upload all the photos that I love of my holidays or Shaniah’s parties – even social gatherings but I haven’t actually printed that many off. I am sure I could count the number of photo albums I have on one hand whereas when I was Shaniah’s age my mum was practically on first name terms with the lady in Lloyd’s chemist.

I was recently asked if I would like to collaborate with Max photo and create a unique photobook. With the lack of printed evidence of Shaniah’s childhood, I decided that this would be a great opportunity.

Max Photo’s website was super easy to navigate and creating a photobook was a breeze. There were loads of ways and options to get as creative as my mind would allow on each page using the advanced photobook editor. I was able to choose just how many photo’s I desired on each page as well as the layout and frame shape.

Once I had played around and got the photobook looking the way that I wanted I was then offered the opportunity toupgrade my book to add gloss to my pages. Of course that is something that I went for and I am so glad that I did, the pages look great!

At the checkout, I was given the choice of getting the book delivered to my door for £3.50 or have the book delivered to numerous stores such as Tesco or Asda which have a Max Photo counter in store. I live in quite a rural town however, there were at least six shops local to me where I was able to pick it up. I opted to pick my photobook up from my local Tesco as conveniently it was the store that I tend to do my weekly shop in.

I placed my order and in just under a week it was available to pick up, I’d imagine that if you were to have it delivered it would more than likely arrive quicker, although for arguments sake, I don’t think that a week is that long.

I was really impressed with the quality of this photobook from Max Photo. The photos came out super clear, even the ones which looked as though they were taken using a potato!

Shaniah loves looking through it either by herself or with me and that’s what photo albums are for right? This has really made me think more about turning all the photos that I take into albums that we can treasure forever. In fact, I have already put together a photo album filled with photos from her party and I have other idea’s in the pipeline.

Disclaimer: I received the photobook featured in this post in exchange for coverage.


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