Top tips for blogger outreach.

The wonderful world of blogger outreach. Something that leaves brands and bloggers alike scratching their heads. It need not be that difficult, in fact truth be told, it really isn’t.

In my earlier days of blogging I messed up more emails than I care to remember and it was quite frankly shocking. With a little research and better knowledge I was able to turn those horrifyingly rubbish emails into something worthy of reading.

If you too are struggling with your current blogger outreach strategy look no further.

Here is a few tips to make emailing brands just that little bit easier yet a lot more successful.

  1. Personalization is key!

    This tip actually works for both Brand and Blogger.
    Dear Sir/Madam, To Whomever this may concern, Hello.
    Ring a bell? If you’re using these as an opener on your emails, please stop. No seriously stop. Always use first names. 9 out of 10 times when you want to work with a certain brand you’d have googled their PR email so why not dig a bit further and find their name? It’s not a secret and usually it will be found above the email address anyway.
    Your email has a higher chance of being read by the recipient if you address them. Something so simple yet effective.

  2. Keep initial emails short.

    Keep your emails short and to the point, sure the recipient would love to know all about you but telling them your life story and how your cat stole your neighbours socks last Wednesday is probably something to keep back and tell your friends over coffee.  Do however, tell them what it is you’re after. Nothing makes a brand want to work with you more than knowing what it is that you want from them. Laying your cards on the table is great but getting straight to the point and letting them know that you want to test their new toaster will win your many
    more gold stars.

  3.  Subject lines are important.

    PR’s get inundated with emails every single day. You want to make sure that your Email stands out on their screen, after all, the subject is the first thing the recipient sees, well, besides the name anyway and as our names aren’t Ryan Reynolds or Kelly Brook we are going to have to make that Subject stand out like a sexy stiletto. Be obvious or be curious it is really up to you.

Now for the brands! Pfft, you didn’t think that I would leave you guys out did you? Of course not. After all, brands and bloggers go together like cheese and crackers.

  1. Do your research.

    Sure you want to get your product out there and advertised by as many people as possible but it’s no good emailing an angler about a brand new baby product just because they have a large following. Make sure that there is a fit between their audience and your request.

  2. Think of the blogger.

    A pretty broad sub heading that. Bloggers earn a living by producing great content for their audience. Which means that if you go at them by asking them to publish your “one-size-fits-all” press release. Bloggers need to eat and feed their family too. Offer them money for their time, a sample product or even a giveaway to host on their sites. You’ll be surprised.

  3. Make it easy for the blogger.

    Nothing grinds a bloggers gears more than when a PR asks for the moon and gives so little information in return. If you want a blogger to give you their all, you are going to have to make that pitch as informative as possible, bloggers don’t want to spend their valuable time trying to figure out your requirements.

I hope that this has made the whole blogger outreach thing just that little bit easier. Go get that collaboration!


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