Top 5 Grooming products.

Back last year I got fed up with Ryan’s long hair that I managed to persuade him to let me loose on it. The trimmers that I used weren’t exactly the best and that combined with my absolutely shocking skills made the back of his head look like I used a pair of hedge clippers, It was a mess. Luckily it was winter so he was able to cover the monstrosity with a beanie. It is really important to get clippers that are good quality and perfect for the job you wish to do. I have done my research and gathered the top 5 grooming kits in my opinion.

1. Panasonic ER-GB80 Multi-Groomer


This is one of Panasonic’s high quality, professional hair trimmers. It features a 45-degree blade that allows for the most precise cutting. this men’s trimmer comes with several attachments that make this device extremely versatile. You are able to use it either cord or cordless with either wet or dry hair.

2. Philips 9 in 1 grooming kit


The Philips 9 in 1 trimmer is also a good one to have. You are able to create the perfect trim time and time again for the steel blades lightly brush against one another sharpening themselves as they trim your hair. The 9 in 1 trimmer set includes 2 stubble combs, 1 adjustable beard comb, 3 hair combs and 1 body comb giving you you all the tools to create numerous styles.

3. Braun 8 in 1 Beard and Hair grooming kit


This is the ultimate combination to stay in complete control of your style. It promises ultimate precision with lifetime lasting sharp blades, that are fully washable for easy cleaning under running water. This kit includes 4 combs meaning that you are able to create the look that you are going for with ease.

4. Gillette fusion proshield

Gillette Valentines

This one is a little different to the rest but it is perfect if you or your other half likes to keep his beard at bay. Gillette’s new proshield chill flex ball razor is the perfect shaver to protect you whilst you shave. ProShield before and after the blades lays down a protective barrier to shield from irritation. Plus, with the added flexball technology it means you get maximum contact and get virtually every hair.

5. Wahl grooming gift set

grooming kir

This is the cheapest and most basic grooming kit in my list but it is perfect for those of us that are just setting out.It includes 10 attachment combs including right and lest ear taper combs. The wahl grooming kit also comes with a selection of goodies including, travel pouch, cleaning brush, scissors, oil, barbers comb, blade guard, moustache comb and styling guard.

So there we have it, my top 5 grooming kits to create the perfect hairstyle at home!

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