Open letter to my daughter as she starts school.

3rd September 2018

My beautiful “baby” girl,

It feels as though it was only a blink ago that you were able to snugly fit in my arms, that brand new baby smell so fresh upon your head. snuggled up in your swaddle blanket I sat glaring at you excitedly wondering what your future may hold.

Before I knew it there you were, waddling everywhere you wanted to go smiling from ear to ear as you amazed not only yourself with your new ability. It didn’t come smoothly, you bumped your tiny little knees more times than I care to remember but with a quick cuddle and a kiss planted upon those grazed knees you were up and off again, there really was no stopping you.

You know I am certain Primary school was once so distant in your future, but yet here we are. Your next chapter is just beginning and you know what scares me? The fact that this chapter won’t come to a close until you are old enough to travel, to vote oh so independently, you will no longer need my guidance.

As my eyes opened this morning, the realisation that you will be starting school held me still. Throughout the summer holidays I was doing my best to prepare you for this new way of life but the overwhelming sense of reality that no matter how much I tried to prepare you for what is about to happen was never truly going to be 100%.

You are going to be nervous, I’d be more worried if you weren’t. You are going to look at me for reassurance as my hand leaves yours at the door. There are going to be nerves as you embark on making new friendships. There are going to be times where you are going to crave that cuddle from mum when the butterflies in your stomach get too much, heck there are going to be times during the day where I want nothing more than a cuddle from you too, but believe in yourself, because baby, I do.

Embrace this new chapter with a positive outlook because while it is all strange and a bit daunting today, soon it will all be routine and familiar. Don’t worry about making hundreds of friendships, if there is one thing that I learnt through my school years it’s, quality over quantity. You’d be surprised.

As I rubbed my eyes and stretched, I prayed that those who you bump in to today will see you the way I do… bright, caring, funny, kind. In fact what I hoped for more than that was that you saw yourself that way too.

Just be yourself, remember how much we love you. I’ll be waiting to hear all about your adventure this afternoon.

Love you,



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