Tips to Make Your Lifestyle Sustainable

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The effects of climate change are more visible in the world than they ever were before. Until now, environmentalism has seemed like talk, but now there is clear scientific evidence of a warming planet caused by unconscious human lifestyles. If we don’t change our habits and lifestyles significantly, there is a chance of runaway climate change that will turn earth into a dead planet like Venus. Luckily, we are on to it, and capitalism is helping to meet demand for more sustainable products. Below are some of the ways we can adapt our lifestyles to help the planet and future generations to thrive.

Water Sustainability

Most people tend to use too much water without realising it. It might be boiling the kettle too much, running the tap while washing the dishes or staying in the shower for longer than is necessary. It might not be obvious, but overusing water can have a detrimental effect on society and the carbon output in the atmosphere. Water is a resource that needs to be continually processed and transported to the right areas. These processes use a lot of carbon and can be reduced with sensible water usage.

Smart Meters

If you’re interested in reducing the carbon usage in your home and therefore your overall carbon footprint you should consider a smart meter. A smart meter will monitor your energy usage and help you understand what appliances are most impactful. You can then adapt your lifestyle and habits to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your gas and electricity bills. These smart meters are available in the stylish aparthotels in Tower Bridge.

Energy-Efficient Lights

If you aren’t yet using energy-efficient lights in your home or apartment, then you’re missing an opportunity to save money, and reduce your carbon output. Energy-efficient lights are made using LEDs and draw a fraction of the power of traditional incandescent bulbs. They also last far longer than traditional bulbs and tend to be more effective. They are available in warm and cold light and can also be used with dimmer switches. 

Natural Cleaning Products

Chemical cleaning products such as washing up liquid, laundry detergent, floor cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner, contains ingredients that contaminate the ground and harm animals and plants. They may also be responsible for some cancers without a known cause. You can make your life more sustainable and environmentally aligned by investing in natural cleaning products that don’t use any contaminating ingredients. These products are also widely available now in most supermarkets.


Along with changing our habits and lifestyles to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, it’s also important to be conscious of our waste. Consumption and waste production not only produces harmful carbon that contributes to runaway climate change, but it also creates masses of unwanted products for the planet to break down over hundreds of years. You can help the planet by reducing unnecessary consumption and recycling where possible. Composting your food water is one way to contribute, and it also produces excellent fertiliser. 

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