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Tips for entertaining your child at home.

No matter how committed you are as a parent, there will always be days when you run out of ideas for entertaining your little ones – particularly on those days when it’s pouring with rain and they’re already bored with their old toys. Fortunately, help is at hand! These tips and ideas for entertaining your kids should give you some inspiration and help you to keep them occupied.

Get cooking

Kids often enjoy being involved with cooking, and you don’t have to be a great cook. There are loads of child-friendly recipes online with simple, clear instructions. You could spend some time looking through the recipes with your kids and when they find something they want to cook, you can even arrange a trip to the shops to pick up the ingredients. If they are properly supervised, this is a great way to keep them entertained, particularly if the recipe requires them to get their hands sticky! Watching the process of making food from ingredients to the finished article will teach them about food, and to appreciate the simple joys of making your own cakes, biscuits or burgers.

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Put on a show

Another way to keep your kids busy and engaged is to encourage them to put on a play or perhaps a magic show. Take a good look through your wardrobe and cupboards, and put together a collection of clothes you no longer need so that they have plenty of costumes from which to choose. This activity can also stimulate their imagination and raise their self-confidence.

Design a playroom

It can also be worth considering designing a playroom for your kids. A playroom should be a brightly decorated, stimulating room, and you can include many additional features such as a reading nook or a blackboard wall. To ensure that the room is bright and airy, you could also opt for a set of plantation shutters, which look good and offer more control over the light levels than traditional curtains.

Build a den

Building a den is something that seems to be universally popular with all kids. Even if the weather won’t allow you to do it outside, that’s no problem. All you need is a few boxes and sofa cushions and a blanket, and the rest is up to your imagination. You could even build your own den and see which is the best, and then share a “picnic” in their den with all their favourite soft toys.

Get creative

Kids love to be creative in hands-on ways, so a trip to a craft shop is a must for any parent who wants to keep their little ones entertained. All you need is a selection of pens, paper and crayons, but you can also get them involved in everything from painting to mosaic-making, and there are plenty of child-friendly kits available covering every type of art or craft.



It can be tough to think up new ways to entertain your kids, but one thing to remember is that you don’t need to fill up every minute of their day. A few fun activities will help to stimulate their imagination and develop their capacity for curiosity and play.

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