Time for a Spot of Spring Cleaning?

Spring is traditionally the time for a good clean round the house, and right now we’ve got even more reason to get (and keep) everything spick and span.

If you’re wondering where to start and how to get the house to the state where it’s easier to keep clean and hygienic in the future, these tips might help.

Declutter Your Rooms

The more stuff you have on surfaces, floors and in cupboards, the harder it is to keep control of dust and dirt. Cleaning is a lot easier if you tackle the clutter first. If you’re a bit of a hoarder, and we all have a little bit of that in us, this can be quite a challenge.

It might help to start with cupboards, because if you clear out the stuff at the back that you haven’t touched for years you suddenly have space to put the things you actually use. Get everything out then go through it all. Be as ruthless as you can in weeding out items you know in your heart you don’t want. Put items you want to keep (but not in its current location) into a separate bag or box to deal with later. Throw broken things or rubbish in the bin.

Next, tackle the surfaces and go through the same routine. Things that are just hanging round without ever being used go in the box of stuff to deal with later. Items you use regularly but which are not decorative go in the newly emptied cupboard. Rubbish goes in the bin.

You can go through this routine in every room in the house before going any further, or stop after decluttering and move onto cleaning in each room as you go. If you think you’re going to get bored and stop half way through, declutter then clean one room before moving on. That way you just have one room to think about rather than the whole house.

The best way of dealing with the boxes of things you want to keep somewhere other than a cupboard or drawer, is to put them in self storage. Rent a small unit or a large locker to hold all your overflow. As you go through all the house and garden, you’ll add lots to the collection and by the time you’ve finished you’ll have a lot more living space as well as a spotless home.

Clean From the Top Down

Whichever room you’re spring cleaning, start with the highest up places. Tackle cobwebs around the ceiling and in corners first. It’s worth running a feather duster round the tops of walls whether you can see cobwebs or not. as they can be hard to spot even when you’re looking for them.

Work down from the ceiling, dusting and cleaning curtain poles or tracks, washing the windows and windowsills, the mantlepiece, polishing furniture and rinsing china or glass ornaments. Do the carpets last, when everything else is clean.

Take the same strategy into the kitchen. When you’re decluttering, consider how often you use larger electrical appliances. They take up lots of cupboard or shelf space, and if you’re not using them self storage is the ideal way to hang on to them while getting them out of your way. Maybe you’re taking a break from making bread, or you’ve gone off ground coffee and the filter machine is just gathering dust on the counter. You can quickly get items out of self storage when you want to use them again.

Once you’ve cleared the surfaces and cupboards, tackle cleaning from the top down as before in other rooms. Scrub the tops of cabinets before the insides, for instance, so you don’t splash dirt into a clean cupboard. Leave mopping the floor till last.

Seasonal Storage to Make Cleaning Easier

Once you discover the advantages of self storage, you’ll see how useful the extra space is all year round. We often have lots of stuff hanging around at home that we’re not using, and all that space is reclaimable, even the space in wardrobes.

Through winter, use your self storage unit to keep your summer garden machinery and furniture, summer clothes and sports gear in good condition. When summer approaches swap things round, storing all your winter stuff instead, including winter textiles such as heavy duvets, thick curtains and throws. A couple of hours twice a year is all it takes to switch things round for a new season.

You’ll also find that when you retrieve items from your self storage room, they feel fresh again because they’ve been out of sight and mind for months. And if you don’t feel pleased to rediscover them, you will know you can discard them permanently without any regrets!

Spring cleaning invigorates the mind as well as the home. And with germs on everybody’s mind for good reason now, there’s never been a better time to give the house a good clean.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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