Thursday Throwback!

This week I am introducing a new weekly feature to my blog, Thursday Throwback! Now I only started blogging in February so there’s so much of our families life that you never got to see, so each week we will share with you a memory.

Ready for this week’s throwback? Let’s get started.

This weeks throwback isn’t that long ago, in fact it was last year but it was an amazing memory making moment. Our holiday to Nice!

In March 2016, We took a two hour flight to Nice, France. I was extremely scared by the thought of flying as I hadn’t done it since I was little and the Media coverage of airports weren’t doing anything to calm my nerves either!

Upon arrival we got off the plane and made our way through the airport. There was literally nobody in the terminal, we had to show our passports before we could go outside, the woman doing that seemed as though her mind was elsewhere there were security people on the other side but we just assumed that it was all part of heightened security but how ghostly it was a little unnerving to say the least.  That was the quickest passport check I had ever done, so off we went outside to wait for our taxi. Once we got outside there were armed officers, tape and everyone was stood to one side. Armed officers patrolled the area, What on earth is going on? I have heard of heightened security but this has taken it to another level. When our Taxi man finally arrived he told us that there was a backpack that had been left unattended and in light of the recent events that had been going it wasn’t a shock to see them taking it very seriously. Just as we got out of the car park and on the road we heard a massive bang, that sound will stay with me forever, it was later confirmed by the taxi bloke when he came to take us home that that sound was in fact a controlled explosion but the bag turned out to be safe.

France truly is a beautiful place. Full of Greenland and buildings bearing so much character.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous but my word, when it rained it rained. I have never seen such ferocious rain. It well and truly hammered it down.

The place where we were staying was utterly gorgeous! I didn’t take advantage of the swimming pool because heat and me are no match!

This holiday was incredible but it went so, so fast! A memory I will treasure forever.

Check back next week for another Thursday Throwback.


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