Thursday Throwback no.4.

“We didn’t realize we were making memories we just knew we were having fun.” – Winnie the pooh.

With this years holiday trip to Cornwall fast approaching I thought it was only fitting that this weeks Thursday throwback comes in the shape of our Cornwall trip last year.

Every year we take a week long break to Newquay around June time, where Shaniah and I spend our days chilling with Ryan’s mum Dawn, brother Luke, his fiancée Kayleigh and their daughter Freya whilst Ryan spends his days fishing with his dad.

Last year we went down on June 11th which just so happened to be Shaniah’s birthday so we had a birthday tea once we got there.

Shaniah met Lizzie lizard in the entertainment room and even climbed on stage when they were doing a play (head in hand moment) every other child was sat still but Shaniah wanted another hug with Lizzie!

I am a major lover of bingo so when I heard that they have daily bingo sessions I couldn’t have been more excited! Did I win anything? Pfft I don’t have that much luck!

We took a trip to Newquay zoo on one of the days where we got up close and personal with all the animals! It was so lovely to see both Shaniah and Freya get excited over all the different species!

On the way home Ryan and I were certain that we saw a UFO, We were driving down the motorway when this bright light shone in the sky, it wasn’t like the normal lights you see in the sky as it didn’t have any glare it was simply just a massive bright light that appeared to just hover there until it simply just vanished never to be seen again. We both went quiet whilst we sat there and tried to take in what we just saw. To this day we still have absolutely no idea what it was but we would like to think it was out of this world!

So that was this weeks Thursday Throwback. Check back next week for more!


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