Thursday Throwback

Thursday throwback!

This week’s thursday throwback is way back to Shaniah’s 1st birthday!

Shaniah was born only 2 days before her uncles 9th birthday which means that their celebrations are always going to be so close together. Ashley has always been so close to her even since before she was born he seemed to have a connection with her – ┬ámaybe that’s down to him being autistic?

As Shaniah’s 1st birthday was close to Ashley’s 10th he wanted a joint party, I on the other hand only wanted something small for her first but he was adamant he wanted to share a party with her so we did!

On the day of Shaniah’s birthday we had a little tea party for just the family, the weather was gorgeous, the sun was shining which meant that we could have the dinner party outside! Ashley was so excited to give her his present before he went to school so here she was trying to open up a present half asleep! haha.


The day was lovely all the family came over, Shaniah was very spoilt so much so, she didn’t know what to do with herself!


The toy she took the most liking to was the scuttle-bug. She was zooming around the house on that!

At the weekend we threw both shaniah and Ashley a joint party at our local hall, both the children love ice-cream so we decided to hire our ice-cream van who came down and gave everyone an ice-cream and even let Ashley do them! Such an amazing experience and one that I am sure he will never forget.


She was mad about monkeys too so we got her a fitting cake:



That was this weeks Throwback, check back next week for our next one!

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