This Budgeting Secret will Totally Transform School Parties

With a new school year about to get underway, I thought that it would be the perfect time to put together a kind of gift guide/ informative post filled with gift ideas for your child’s school friends.

I will be completely straight here. When Shaniah started school a whole year ago, I wasn’t ready for the influx of party invites that would soon follow. I am so happy that Shaniah has made a whole bunch of friends that want to spend their day celebrating with Shaniah. But at the start of the school year, each invite that came home in her bag left me frazzled and with a whole load of questions. Questions like;

“What does this child enjoy?”
“What if they already have this?”
“Well this doesn’t look like much”
and the big one “How much should I spend?”

The last question was the one that threw me. I did the obligatory Google search, however, it mainly came back with extravagant American answers such as “Get everyone to chip-in and buy one huge gift that the parents have asked for”, and the standard forum answers that amongst some mothers flaunting the fact they spend a ridiculous amount were quite honestly completely useless.

After wasting a good hour and having no new knowledge to show for it, I decided that like always, going with my gut was best and that throughout the year I would figure it out for myself, eventually.

One year on, I have found our perfect solution for us, and if you are finding yourself in the same boat as I was then you’re in luck, I am going to share my ideas with you.

Visit places like B&M, Home Bargains and The Range.

I will be honest here, when I was in my teens I avoided bargain-priced shops like the plague. I don’t know why but “older-me” is so not proud of it. B&M has a very large toy section, most of which are on offer quite frequently. They also do a section called “2 for£20” which at certain times of the year becomes even cheaper!


I regularly use Argos, simply for their 2 for £15 range. I tend to stick to a £15 per child budget and I have been able to get some pretty awesome gifts from this range, most things that Shaniah has then gone on to purchase with her pocket money!

Another great thing to keep an eye on in Argos is their clearance section. Sometimes there are some rather great toys marked down super cheap just to get rid of them. I have been able to get a wide range of inexpensive gifts this way, and nobody need know.


Studio is another great place to find gifts for stupidly cheap prices. I find that the best time to purchase gifts through them is during half term as they tend to do sales on them around this time.

Toys for a Pound

Okay now, this is an online store which sells toys ranging from £1 through to £5. They are all really good products just at a fraction of supermarket prices. I shop at this site on the lead up to Christmas as I find them perfect for stocking fillers and little gifts for Shaniah’s best friends. The great thing about Toys for a Pound is that they also have an App which lets you order straight from your phone. Perfect!

Online stores

If you have a cheeky child in your class, let’s face it, every class has one, why not grab something that shows their cheeky personality off? Golf crowd has loads of reasonably priced t-shirts with super funny slogans on them.

My favourite by far has got to be the “kiss my putt” one, the perfect kids golf gifts and there are so many funny ones within their junior range.

Another great place is Amazon.
Amazon are forever holding lighting sales on numerous products meaning that every day there are bargains to be had on toys.

Supermarkets are another great place to hunt. Especially the clearence aisle where we have been able to grab loads of great bargains.

I do hope that this has given you some ideas and that the school parties dont leave you feeling burnt out.


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