The World Is Changing But Is It All Bad?

I’ve put off posting for nearly a month now. Not because I’ve fallen out of love with my blog, but simply because I didn’t know the right words to say, life has taken a pretty drastic turn, right?

Rewinding to the days of February, to when coronavirus was first starting to appear on our news channels. I will be honest here, I’m sure most of you will agree, I sat there and I thought; wow! What on earth is happening to China, why aren’t they doing this and why aren’t they doing that? It became a daily occurrence where I sat on my sofa and criticised. I was criticising something that had only just begun to surface, something that I had no real knowledge about. Only choosing my words from the little snippets that the media was choosing to share.

Now let’s talk about the beginning of March. Whilst the majority of us were continuing with our day to day activities, the media began to focus heavily on the, now rapid, rate of which coronavirus was spreading. It was no longer just China’s problem. People began to panic. Soap began to fly off the shelves, quickly followed by the toilet roll and cleaning products. Britain was scared and so too, a little bit crazy!

By the 11th day of March, things imploded. The state of the shops started to resemble something out of a horror. Shelves were bare, not out of need, but out of greed! United Kingdom began to have that every man for himself approach, even more than usual. Once people had realised that they had panic bought the whole of aisle 12, they decided that that still wasn’t enough so they moved to their online stores. Supermarkets were becoming increasingly overwhelmed. Nothing like this has ever been seen before, and honestly, nobody knew how to react to it.

Fast forward to now, things in England are moving at a pretty scary pace. Shops are struggling to meet the demand of families of 3 shopping as if they were families of 10. Now, you’d think that Susan would have had enough toilet roll and baked beans to see her family and her neighbourhood through to Christmas, turns out she doesn’t because she continues to do it! Meanwhile, the elderly and the vulnerable have been told to stay indoors for the foreseeable, many without the basic items that they need to see it through.

It got me thinking, I knew that the world was a crazy place, it seems times have moved on from the days where people treated their neighbours like family. The days of community spirit has seemingly long vanished. I knew that, but seeing photos of elderly people stood there with a basket that was equally as bare as the shelving that crowded over them, breaks me. Seeing families plead on Facebook for medicine or baby formula because the shops have run out, not due to factory issues but due to other peoples GREED, breaks me also. Knowing that my family only just have enough to see us through to our next normal shopping day breaks me too. I knew that the world was an ugly place but I didn’t realise just how ugly it had become…

Or has it? I mean sure, some people are playing daily supermarket sweeps but if you look past that, you will see people holding their hands out to help the more vulnerable in society. People who are facing equally tough times, but that know there are people worse off than themselves.

In United Kingdom, things have only just begun, we’re just starting to climb the mountain of Covid-19s destruction but is it all that bad? Really? If you look past the devastating statistics, you’ll see communities rediscovering their spirit, you’ll see families building up their broken bridges because the reality is that time is precious, you’ll see people coming away from their phones and communicating again, board games that haven’t seen the light of day have suddenly become the new pass time. You will see that although families are stuck indoors and schools are shut, they’re learning the value of family and friendships all over again. Families are holding out their hands to other families and offering childcare to those that are stuck between a wall and a hard place.

The world is changing, there’s no doubt about it, but is it really such a bad thing?


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