The Ultimate Pamper Night

Once in a while, or every week if you’re really good at making time, there is nothing better than a luxurious pampering evening. Most people say you should push a pamper evening to a Friday or a Saturday, but really it should be something you can do anytime you need to. From a Monday when there were never-ending meetings to a Sunday afternoon when you’ve cooked for everyone and want to hit the reset button.

Taking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. When you are recharged, you feel mentally and emotionally super. Which means you can be the best version of yourself. Productivity rises too – great if you have a job, or even if you work from home.

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Fluffy Stuff

While you may already have a dressing gown, what you need is one that is only for this purpose. Something thick, soft and maybe even a little luxurious. You know in the movies where the actresses are lolling around in embroidered bathrobes? Well, that is going to be you. Getting your initials monogrammed on it, and only using it for your pamper sessions means it will always make you feel cared for and a little bit special.

Warm Drinks

If you want to be extra kind to your body, then a mint tea or an herbal tea like chamomile is the one for you. If you don’t typically drink them, you’ll get used to them over time – and yes, enjoy the benefits. Mint teas are great for your gut. They reduce bloating and uncomfortable cramps, while chamomile is relaxing and will help you unwind. There are plenty of different types you can try. Alternatively, you can have an extra delicious hot chocolate or chai tea.

Slow Scrub

Typically most people rush to get everything done and washed in the shower. Because they have to get back to chores, cooking, work, and so on. So during your ultimate pamper session,
take your time. You can make an exfoliating scrub at home, or you can purchase one that you’ve been desperate to try for a while. Look for skin-loving ingredients like rice milk, coconut oil and argan oil. Take your time performing circular motions all over your body to help remove
dry skin. Try and steer clear of microbeads and opt for sugar scrubs – they’re better for you and the environment. This will give your skin a brighter look, improve the blood flow and smoothness.


If you aren’t a stickler for a daily face care routine, then a pamper night will give you the opportunity to give your face some love. We all know that drinking water and plenty of it is going to give your skin a big boost. But there is a helping hand to be had from outside sources. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and consider your skin for a few minutes. Dry patches? Dul? Flaky? Redness? Purchase a couple of facemasks that will tackle what you need. And while you’re at it, get a moisturizer and try to remember to use it every day. In general, you should look to use a clay mask, followed by under-eye patches, a lip mask or a slick of a super moisturizing lip balm.


Many of us have split or dry ends. A great tip for adding a considerable amount of moisture and suppleness to the tips of your hair is olive oil and a warm towel! Warm some olive oil between your hands and smooth it through the ends of your hair. Skip the roots, so you don’t get a greasy scalp. Wrap the ends in a warm towel to open up the hair so it can soak in the oil. After about 15 minutes, wash your hair as usual. Because this is all about making it last, you might want to give your whole scalp massages and a hot oil full hair treatment. If you have super long roots, it is the perfect time to have some dye on hand to do those little things.


Many find music to be incredibly relaxing, uplifting and emotional. The trick is that you have to work with whatever mood you are in. You might know you have some pent up negative energy and want to release that – so listen to your sad songs or the ones that you can really sink into it. If you want to release some tension, then put on music that gets your dancing, so you can dance it out. If you just want something to unwind to, then most music streaming services have great playlists for you to choose from.


If you have a range of candles that you love, then make use of them on your pamper night. They don’t have to be expensive, so long as you enjoy the smell and they make you happy, then that is perfect.


As we mentioned above, you need to give your body plenty of water. But you can also give your skin a helping hand in the form of moisturiser. Most people have dry ankles, elbows and knees – and that is just the start. Use a thicker cream on those areas, and start with them first. Then grab your favourite moisturisers and slather it all over the rest of you.


If you aren’t one for heading to the salon to get some talons, then spending some time filing and painting your nails is incredibly therapeutic. Remember to add a good top coat, to give your polish a shot at lasting at least a week. After your polish is dry, use a creamy moisturiser – but let it sink in before you try picking up a cup of tea!

When it comes to self-care, and the ultimate pamper night – it isn’t selfish, it is great for your mental health, your skin, hair and nails and it can be a lot of fun!

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  1. Nothing I like more than a bath with loads of bubbles and candles, a glass of wine and slipping into some nice underwear and my bathrobe afterwards ready for my partner to get home. Shame it rarely happens if the kids dont go to bed on time but its my favourite thing in the world.

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