The most important time is family time.

Today we decided to cook for my mother and her partner, I don’t mind Cooking for people in fact I bloody love it! As it’s Sunday I decided I’d do a Sunday roast what could possibly go wrong? Nothing if you stick to what you know… Me being me decided to fancy up the beef by adding red wine to it. Tamara why? It’s the first time I’ve tried it and to be perfectly honest I wasn’t even sure how I was supposed to go about it.

I pushed myself into the kitchen and starred to peel an unexplainable amount of vegetables… how much is enough? God knows lets wing it! In came Shaniah throwing a tantrum because I won’t let her use a sharp knife to cut a potato… The only down side to rearing a little Gordon Ramsey is the fact that she thinks she can do anything in the kitchen no matter what the consequences may be. I handed her one of her knifes and she grabbed a potato suddenly the tears stopped as fast as they had started. Parenting is such fun…

I called Ryan in because I mean I’m not superman I don’t have super powers and I’m certainly no octopus I need more than 2 hands (there you go evolution you can have that one for free) in he came which was a miracle in itself he usually hibernates in the bathroom until he hears me plate up! Men!!! I was so shocked, who is this man? He took a chair from the table and sat down beside me on his phone… oh it is still ryan. So I guess I’m doing it alone! 

Eventually, after what seemed like forever all the vegetables were prepped and ready. Now on to the beef, by this time Shaniah had made a right mess of the poor potato and Ryan was still head deep in the virtual world. I need some wine right now! On went the salt and pepper for the beef and the tin foil gave it a hug as it entered the oven… 

1 hour later, half way through cooking the beef I had to remove it to add a generous glass of wine  (my generous or a normal generous?)  I poured it on and it ran into the tray hang on a minute you just tickled the beef surely this isn’t right… Ah well we will just go with it… On went the veggies and in went the roast potatoes, bloody love them!

An hour later, dinner was ready and so was my over due glass of wine. Guess who’s come out of the virtual world? Yep you guessed it now everything is done Ryan’s jumped out of his seat, moved it to the table and guess what? Sat back down. Excuse me Mr! 

I was juggling with the lack of space and the endless amount of plates I had to fill. Somehow I did it and Ryan lived! In came my mother and after the first taste guess what she said? 

“Thank you Ryan and Tamara this tastes great!” 

Yep. She thanked Ryan…

The two things I learnt today is that Ryan and Shaniah are both the same mental age. And wine saves lives.

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