The joys of planning a little ones 3rd birthday!

In little under a week Shaniah will be turning 3! Where has that gone? It seems like only yesterday I was wrapping her up warm ready to go home and start our lives together.

Last year we were away for her birthday so we got away with not having to do a party as she was more excited to go to the beach. This year however we weren’t so lucky and to rub salt into the wound she understands parties now and she has been requesting one since the beginning of the year.

Every child loves soft play, so that was the road we were going to go down. We kept our options open and went to explore a couple of places, in the end we narrowed it down to either The Churchill which is a restaurant with a pretty impressive soft play area and everything is included in the price or our local leisure centre which was self catering. They were both pretty much the same price so we couldn’t pick based on that, However one was a lot further than the other… with that in mind and the fact we have invited people from all over the place it made sense that we go for the venue closest to everyone. Unfortunately that was the leisure centre. Ironically, that was where I used to have my birthday parties and absolutely loved it there so fingers crossed Shaniah and friends will too!

“We have invited people from all over the place so it made sense that we go for the venue closest to everyone.”

We had to pay it all at the time of booking which wasn’t a problem. What we didn’t realise was that adding in the food, decorations and party bags it soon mounted up to more than The Churchill would have… Bugger.

With the party booked it was then time to choose the theme, Shaniah went from Peppa Pig to Frozen to Princess and then finally settled on a Unicorn Frozen theme little under 2 weeks until the big day which means I have exactly 8 days to create her cake she picked which thankfully isn’t that difficult However, I am cheating by buying a princess to go on it because the cake looks like it’ll take long enough without having to try and make a fiddly princess too!

With the RSVP’s all here it was now time to go and find stuff for the party bags, decorations and plates. Considering Unicorn’s are big right now finding party things with that theme was impossible! Thankfully, asda came to the rescue and we managed to get everything we needed! With the decorations and party things bought it was now time to pop to Hobbycraft to get thing’s for her cake, I am absolutely loving Hobbycraft at the moment and I cannot help but get overly excited at the amount of baking things they have! £65 later we now have everything (and more) we need for the cake and also a Helium canister and a unicorn balloon – definitely an impulse buy there.

I can honestly see why people go for parties that are all inclusive as this has been nothing but a ball ache and we aren’t done yet! next week we’ve got to get the party food and in all honestly all I really want to do is hibernate until Sunday. How can a children’s party be something so stressful?

So what have I learnt from this this year? Never will I ever opt for a self catered party again.



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