The day of love..

Today as I’m sure you’re all aware is Valentine’s day. There’s no escaping it, it’s on the tv, on the radio and especially on social media platforms. 

Shaniah and I decided that for craft time today we would make cards for the important people in our lives. Shaniah made one for grandma first then made one for Ryan.

We had planned to make yummy cakes after but Ryan surprised us by coming home early! We love spending time together as a family on the weekends so to have him home for half a day today is even better.

He came through the door with a lovely bouquet of flowers and a nice selection box of chocolates. We vowed to never celebrate Valentine’s day instead we will show our love every day of the year, so seeing this made me quite emotional.

We are going to sit down to a nice family meal in a bit before Ryan heads back out to work for the night.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Enjoy it whether it’s spent with your loved ones or you’re on your own (self love is just as important).

Lots of love to you all,

Tamara. ❤

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