My brother is a teenager!

Just gone 8Pm 13 year ago, I became a sister. I was no longer an only child I finally had someone to share my toys with, someone who would be my friend forever. More importantly, I now had someone to shift the blame on to. It was no secret that I would have preferred a sister but it was okay because I soon realised I was able to treat you like a sister! (I am so not sorry!)

It pains me to know that I now have a teenage brother, yes you are getting old but that only shows that I am too.  I could carry on crying into a box of tissues but what good would that do? I may aswell just jump on the train and enjoy the ride.

Ashley this is to you.

Dear Ashley,

So the new Chapter is officially upon us. You will now no longer be known as a child but as a teenager. You may think you know it all, that your life is simply a walk in the park (believe me at 13 I thought the same) but it’s hard. With your teenage years comes more responsibility.  There will be days where you feel that things are getting on top of you and you’re suffocating under the stress of exam prep or even other things that come with being a teenager but believe me when I say I will be there for you, the storm will pass and you will be able to breathe once more. 

I am certain that you will become a wonderful young man but please, take this advice on your journey through your teens.

I tell you this time and time again and each time I mean it just as much as before: have fun, lots of fun. You see, people are always so serious, the older you get the more of a fun sponge you usually become. Please don’t be like that, let your hair down and live a little. Dance in the rain, sing in the shower. Heck even spend a day watching funny yodeling videos on repeat, if it makes you happy it’s worth it.  Don’t turn down invites, be spontaneous and see the world. You have one life my brother, live it to its fullest. 

As you grow older, don’t worry so much about making sure that you hair is on point or that you are looking dapper. Most of the time nobody even notices. I mean it. People spend way to much time thinking that people eyes are fixed on them when in reality everyone is more focused on themselves. If someone says or does something that hurtful please not that it is almost always related to something going on in their life and has no reflection on you.

As you grow older you will settle down, you will get married and ultimately one day you will have a family of your own. You will have loads of girlfriends before this who will love you so incredibly much, I don’t doubt it for a second but please believe me when I say that nobody will love you the way your family does, so spend time with them. Don’t choose to skip spending an hour with our nan here and there over a chill in the park with your mates. Yes you’re getting older but our nan is too. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Never take anything for granted. Tell your loved ones that you love them with every chance that you get. 

Now this one, this one is something you need to practice. Life goes way too fast to constantly be mad at someone. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s one of the things that makes us human. If you have unintentionally hurt someone, the last thing that you want is for them to hold a grudge against you. Let things go and be forgiving. 

Sometimes it is going to seem like you’ve made a mistake you will never be able to overcome, but it will be okay I promise you. believe me when I say that I’ve made loads of mistakes but hey! I am still alive and kicking, while I may have lost a few friends over the years, the ones who were truly my friends are still here by my side. Mistakes shape you.

Wishing you the happiest birthday.

I love you now and forever.

“Wa Wa”.


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