Modern technology. Good or bad?

25th April 2018

Technology, it’s vastly becoming something that is taking over our day to day lives. A few years ago technology was far from the norm. in fact you’d be safe to say that it was something of a luxury to many. Many people have mixed opinions on technology, some believe that life was better off without some of the modern technology and that the younger generation are becoming immersed in a whole different world with no focus on the real world. Others believe that the advance in technology can and will bring good and in fact make life easier for people.

Me? I believe in both of these groups. You see, as I am part of the younger generation I do believe that we have become somewhere addicted to technology. We have become social media addicts, we spend our spare time having Netflix marathons of our latest favourite programmes and more still we have become mute due to many of us having our heads stuck in our smartphones.

Although I wasn’t around before modern technology hearing stories from my parents and grandparents about all the stuff they got up to makes me wish somewhat that we could live a little like that. Yes I love technology, I practically live for social media but I can’t help but feel as though we are no longer living our lives to the full. Flicking through photo albums used to be the norm, now we flick through virtual ones on Facebook. What has happened?

Of course not all my thoughts on modern technology are bad. I mean, social media has it’s advantages too. For instance, many people in need have been able to find help and support through caring strangers. Modern technology are incredible in hospitals too! Inventors are able to create more life like artificial limbs that are enabling those that require them to live more independent lives.

Just recently, Adrian Rubin and a team of scientists have electronic smart skins for sports. Smart skin is an electronic device designed to monitor a sweating sports player’s biochemistry. The device can additionally monitor  the heartbeat of a sick baby and stroke patients.

Overall, I think that technology has the potential to be the next best thing since sliced bread but it is how we as people use it. Modern technology advances means that the sick are receiving new ways to get better sooner and chances are all these new medicines wouldn’t have been discovered without a little help from technology.

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