Tech Deck is back! *Review*

Tech Deck is a toy that I remember all the lads having in their pencil cases and fiddling about with at school when I was a teenager. I always envied them and wanted to join in and actually get my hands on them, although my parents wouldn’t let me and my brother was too young at the time so I couldn’t bribe him to get them either!

Oh boy have times changed! I am now coming up to 21 and my brother has aged somewhat too, which was pretty perfect considering we were given the opportunity to try out some of the new Tech Deck products that have been released. I’m not sure who was more excited about this review opportunity, me for finally getting my hands on these miniature goodies or Ashley.

Ashley can almost always be found outside either on his scooter, bike or practising Ollie’s on his skateboard, so you can imagine his excitement when I introduced him to the awesome 96MM fingerboard.

tech deck

Tech Deck is the only authentic, miniature replica line of action sports toys and collectables. They feature real graphics from the world’s biggest and most coveted skateboarding brands such as: Primitive, Element, Plan B, Enjoi, Toy Machine, Baker, and many more!

Tech Decks portfolio includes the core 96mm boards, BMX bikes as well as a variety of modular ramps that allow both new and existing fans and users to show of their skills, creative style and expression when replicating their favourite skate tricks.

To celebrate Tech Deck’s 20th Anniversary in 2018, the spirit of ‘Start Small, Go Big’ goes even bigger and bolder in the skateboarding community and beyond! As skateboarding has evolved over the past 20 years, Tech Deck will proudly nod to the past and present and continue to be a champion of the action sports community for many years ahead.

We are joining in with the 20th anniversary celebrations and have been trying out some of the awesome Tech Deck range that we were kindly sent by Spin Master.

Tech deck

This was by far Ashley’s favourite product in the bundle. He is a massive lover of building miniature things and can often be found building models in his bedroom. He loved the fact with this pack he was able to create his own unique ideas and let those creative juices flow. This pack comes with everything that you could ever imagine you would need to create whatever look you are interested in, meaning that they are perfect for on the go or even for those that can become a little impatient and want to create it there and then.

Each pack of skateboards has a section on the back to tell you whether the ones in the pack are common or rare, Something that Ashley was extremely excited about and it also spurred him to go on to collect a few more –  has he got the Tech Deck bug? I think so!

tech deck

Once he had finished creating his unique skateboards, he then went on to test them out using his transforming container ramp. It transforms from an ordinary shipping container to the ultimate skatepark in three easy steps. The awesome thing about this container is the fact that you are able to create up to 80 different obstacle configurations including half-pipe, wave ramp, rail and much, much more! The possibilities are endless with this container of fun.

Tech deck

Measuring over 2 feet long when folded out giving you ample room to preform those Ollies, kickflips and boardslides. Hours can be lost having fun with this little gadget. Ashley added to his ultimate skateboarding experience by then joining the starter kit to his container ramp to create the skatepark that every skater dreams of!

tech deck

The Tech Deck Starter kit is the perfect place for beginners to start their Tech Deck journey. Within this pack is a ramp set, a signature pro board and attachable trainer clips which will help you to learn tricks faster.

tech deck

We took to Tech Decks website to learn some fancy tricks. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out like us or you fancy adding to your board skills their easy to follow videos will make sure that you become a Tony Hawk of the miniature world.

The thing that Ashley enjoyed the most was the fact that he was able to recreate all the tricks that he has learnt on his big skateboard with his fingers on these miniatures. The fact that he can keep practising and practising without ending up with bruised knees is also quite appealing too!

Every item in the Tech Deck range has so, so much detail it’s crazy and also a little scary just how life-like everything is, it really is like a miniature skating world and you cannot help but get the Tech Deck collecting bug.

tech deck

Ashley had and continues to have so much fun with Tech Deck, I will be honest and admit that I have too! They were surprisingly easy to get used to and once I mastered the basics I was buzzing to try out some more tricks determined to become better than Ashley. Ashley has also found that they were a great help with his concentration at school, suffering from Autism and ADHD he is always looking for things to keep his hands busy so that he can focus on the job in hand (pardon the pun!) He is finally able to get his work done without getting distracted by other things, Win all round, don’t you think?

Do you remember Tech Deck?


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