Take time out of the virtual world and spend it with those you love.

Tomorrow is Valentines day (most shops are open to 10 if you’ve forgotten to pick something up!) Ryan and I had vowed to not get each other anything this year but instead let each other know how much they mean to us 365 days of the year. although we weren’t going to celebrate it we planned to have a chilled out evening with our favourite snacks, face masks and our favourite bubbly.


Ryan came home today and said that due to being knee deep in work he had to work tomorrow both day and again at 11pm. That didn’t bother me as tomorrow was pretty much just another day but we decided that drinking bubbly tomorrow was probably not a wise idea considering he will have to drive. So we let Shaniah pick what she wanted for dinner… She picked McDonald’s  (I know bad mother award coming my way) but that’s what she wanted so that’s what she got. She ate it up then we settled down ready for bed time then off she went.

We decided that we would have a takeaway for dinner tonight and spend the evening off our mobiles (blog excluded) . We brought forward our goodies and we are about to spend the evening cuddled up watching a great film and stuffing our faces with rubbish.

I love spending time on social media, seeing what everyone’s up to, how peoples holidays are going, which parents are counting the days until term starts up again. I’m so head deep in catching up with it all in the evenings once mini me is asleep that I don’t stop to think how my other half may be feeling, yes hes great and he doesn’t complain but all this time spent scrolling through each and every social media platform is less and less us time we are getting. so my new years resolution this year is to make sure i spend quality time with those I love because nobody knows what the future holds or what is even around the corner.

Switch off those gadgets, turn to your other half and give them a big hug and ask them how their day has been, you’ll be surprised just what you’ve missed.

Take care,




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