Entertainment need not cost the earth.

Schools out for summer!

Well for most it is, my brother still has tomorrow morning left, unlucky duckling. Other’s however are about a week in to their 6 week-long break and I think it’s pretty safe to say that for both children and parents the novelty of the whole break is well and truly worn off.

The first week is always the easiest. You have visions of all these things that you are going to get up to, the children will happily go along with it and life’s a good’un. Right until you get between half way through week 2 and week 3 when the ideas which you have pre-planned suddenly don’t seem so great and the older children would rather stay in bed until 11 than go look around a children’s farm with the rest of the family.

You can bet your bottom dollar (pound, whatever) however, that you are not alone in this, families up and down England are having the exact same scenario and it’s pretty pants. Keeping them happy need not cost you a fortune however and there are many places out there that will help you entertain children of all ages at minimal cost.

Theme Parks.

There are many theme parks situated around all corners of the land, many of which are actually offering very good deals. Some tickets are on sale and other attractions have a deal on at the moment where you can purchase one ticket and re-use it for the rest of the year! Perfect for the thrill seekers.

Bounce parks.

Bounce parks are widely becoming available and popular for all ages including adults! They are massive venues filled with trampolines and all kinds of activities that will keep even the grumpiest of teens happy (We’ve tried it and it’s true). Just be sure to take plenty of water as bouncing is very hard work!

Home entertainment.

You’ll be surprised just how much children enjoy a lazy day at home sometimes. Cinema trips can cost a fortune so why not bring the cinema to your lounge? Supermarkets are forever having deals on sweet treats and popcorn aswell as films. Netflix, Sky, Prime and NowTV also stock a wide range of films. Sound issues can easily be solved by purchasing some speakers to give the lounge the loud cinema feel. Speakers need not cost you the earth, many deals can be found online. Once  you are done with the speakers you could then pass them down to your teens who will no doubt spend their days listening to music in their rooms.

Local parks.

These are free yet sometimes get forgotten about during the summer activity planning. Trips to the park can easily be spiced up by taking a packed lunch with you and having a picnic in the glorious sunshine. Maybe even take the bikes and have a bike ride? Possibilities are endless.

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