Stationery Lovers Dream

I am a huge fan of stationery. Ever since I can remember I have always found use for them. During my school years, notebooks and pens became my trusty sidekicks throughout my exam days, a notepad came in handy during pregnancy for writing lists of things that I needed to get for Shaniah, years later I am still very much using notepads and endless amounts of pens to jot down post ideas and recipes.

There’s nothing more satisfying than starting a brand new notepad. I am forever walking into stationery shops and finding excuses to purchase a new set of pens or a shiny new notebook. That is perfectly acceptable right?

Besides the various shops that I have wandered around, Old English Company has got to be one of my favourite online stationery shops. Yes they’re online – how dangerous is that for my bank account! They sell everything from stationery to homeware and it’s basically like browsing through a website version of heaven – I love it!

Amongst the awesome range of products that Old English Company has to offer are their planners, They are super affordable yet also extremely stylish. Everyone has an excuse for a planner and when they look as sleek as these do then there is all the more reason to grab one…or two.

Black, grey and cream planners

There is so much that I love about these planners, the fact that you can start them at any point during the year because it allows you to write the date is a massive win for me. Each inner page of the planner is listed as a checklist and has room at the bottom for notes making this the perfect organiser for small business owners and bloggers alike.

pale pink planner with a planner opened up beside it

They look pretty incredible right? Here’s some great news, Old English Company are giving you the chance to win all four of these planners. Yes! You did read that right, in light of World Stationery Day on the 25th of April they are running a competition to win the newest additions to their stationery family. All the information on how to get your hands on these goodies are over on the Old English Company website, it really couldn’t be easier!



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