Starting Your New Quad Bike For The First Time

When the day finally arrives and you take delivery of your new quad bike, you will need to ensure you do not let your excitement get the better of you when riding it for the first time. You will need to check everything carefully before putting the vehicle through its paces. If you are getting ready to take delivery of a new quad bike, below are some things you will want to do before taking it out for a spin for the first time and having hours of joy and excitement that these fantastic machines can bring.

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Read All The Documentation That Comes With It

Before you start to ride your quad bike t is vital that you read all the documentation that comes with it. Doing this will help you understand all the features your new vehicle has and learn how to ride the quad bike safely. If you have never driven a quad bike before, you may wish to get some lessons to give you the skills you need to have fun but remain safe while riding your quad bike. Once you have read the documents that came with your quad bike, you can then start the engine.

Checking Your Quad Bike Before Starting It

It is easy to get excited about the arrival of your new quad bike when you have been looking at the brand new quads UK stores are selling for so long. However, before you get carried away and zoom off into the sunset, you will want to give your vehicle a quick inspection before riding it. Ensure that all the fluids are topped off, such as petrol, oil, and coolant if required, and check that all the lights are working, especially if you have a road legal quad bike. Turn the ignition and check if any warning lights come on. When you are satisfied, you can turn the engine over. Check the accelerator and the brakes, as well as indicators if you have them, and you are almost ready to go for your first spin on your new quad bike.

Going For A Ride

Before you start riding your quad bike for the first time, ensure that you have all your safety gear on that you will need, including a quality helmet. When you are ready, start the vehicle and use the controls gently, as you will want to learn the characteristics of the brakes and accelerator of your new quad bike before checking its capabilities. You will want to practice in an ample open space if possible, and a field with no animals is an excellent choice if you have access to one. Slowly increase your speed and the sharpness of the corners you take until you get used to the controls and understand how your quad bike handles, which can help prevent accidents from happening if you are new to the sport.

If you are going to ride your quad bike on the road, you must ensure you comply with the rules, and you can find out more information about this subject by searching for related articles online.


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