Set Your Inner Princess Free with Snazaroo.

Disney, there is nothing that makes me more happy in life than a good old Disney film session, what I would give to lead a life so exciting and magical as those that the Disney characters portray.

My daughter believes that she is in fact living a life that Disney creators would be proud of and spends the majority of her of her days in character of numerous Princesses or a very well-known snowman!

Snazaroo invited us to create our own character or use one from their easy to follow steps. With the recent weather taking a turn for the worst and an unexpected weekend stuck indoors due to the snow I was truly grateful to Snazaroo for giving me an opportunity to entertain my whirlwind of a child whilst we were all suffering a little bit with the lack of outdoors.

We whipped out the Snazaroo paints and headed to Shaniah’s dressing up wardrobe to decide what character she should be. With the ground outside covered in snow we felt it was fitting to do a frozen theme so I grabbed the Elsa dress and the Anna dress and we made our way downstairs.

Snazaroo actually has an Elsa Face Paint Tutorial in their Disney range which would have been perfect had Shaniah of decided to be her. Instead she demanded Anna. However, I won’t lie I did use the Elsa tutorial as a little bit of inspiration.


Snazaroo face paints have always been my favourite, a little goes a long way and they couldn’t be more friendly for children’s faces if they tried. Shaniah absolutely loved the fact that there was glitter pots and demanded that I used that within the look. Girls and glitter!

The step by step instructions were super easy to follow which was both perfect for me also perfect for shaniah who has next to no ability to sit still.

Once the face was painted she threw on the outfit and after I braided two plaits in her hair she was transformed into Anna before our very eyes!



I totally believe that applying the face paint makes the magic that little bit more real. Shaniah loved being Anna ( you can probably tell that by the crazy posing that she carried out!) And I loved witnessing her imagination blossom through a few bits of paint.

After a few hours of playing in character she was soon getting tired and dinner was calling.


Should you wish to let your little ones creativity blossom I highly recommend grabbing a few face paints and checking out Snazaroo face paint tutorials.



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