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We Went to WWT Slimbridge.

Summer Holiday Bucket List 2019

Hey guys!

With a bit of help from my mummy, she has let me take over a corner of her blog for the summer holidays. I’m rather excited to share with you the things that I get up to over the next couple of weeks.

The first day of my holidays was spent putting together a bucket list of all the places I’d like to go and things that I’d love to do.

The first place on my list was WWT Slimbridge. I love coming here, so much so that during the last half term I spent the day here with two of my best friends, I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it too, especially Welly Boot Land.

We set off fairly early, about 10 am. WWT Slimbridge isn’t that far from where I live so we didn’t need to set off any earlier.

Just up the road from Slimbridge is a bridge that goes over a river. When we arrived at the bridge, a few boats wanted to get through, which meant that we had to stop while the bridge span around to let them pass. I found the whole thing super exciting. I just wish that my parents would have let me get out of the car.

Once we arrived at Slimbridge we showed them our passes, and we walked on through, I got super excited at this point and may or may not have listened.

Ryan said we could get some food to feed the birds as we walked around! I loved this idea and ran with him to go buy it. The feed is £1.50 per bag, and the bags are rather generous unless you waste the feed as I do. Oops!

Ryan bought two bags because mummy told him that I am not very good with the feed. Last time I emptied the whole bag near a swan that looked rather scary. Mummy said that was a silly thing to do, I say I was just protecting myself.

Shaniah feeding the birds

We headed on out to the grounds. Slimbridge is huge! I don’t think we’ve walked around it all yet and we come so often.

There’s a FREE event going on throughout the summer holidays called ‘global adventures’, I wanted to take part so we headed slowly to base camp to collect my passport. Once we arrived at the camp I found two lovely ladies stood around an open fire. Ooh dangerous, I like it. One of the ladies asked me if id like to toast a marshmallow. Umm, yes! I love marshmallows and when we went camping last year that’s what we did one night.

I wanted to do it myself, but Ryan insisted on helping me, so I didn’t accidentally hurt myself. I wouldn’t, I’m not that silly.

toasting marshmallow

After I finished with my marshmallow Ryan and I went to build a teepee. Ryan said that when you are travelling the world, sometimes you have to make your own temporary home. We were close to finishing our teepee when Ryan tripped over one of the branches holding it up. It all came crashing to the ground, and I was so sad. He wasn’t carrying the branches I was, and it was hard work.

building a teepee

All that hard work made me hungry, so mummy said we could go to Welly Boot Land and have a picnic. Silly mummy, I didn’t want to eat I just wanted to play in there and that is what I did! They ate and they looked rather happy until I ran around them and disturbed an ants nest. It made them move through.

I love welly boot land, I love how there is a stream that runs through it that I can run and splash in. It’s not high, it’s like a puddle but it is so fun. Every so often the water disappears and then comes back. I think its playing peek-a-boo although mum says that it’s such a good idea and that they pump fresh water back in to keep the place clean. Either way, I like it.

There’s not just water here, there are slides, roundabouts, climbing frames and so much more. There’s a place to wash your hands and even a kiosk so mummy can buy me an ice-cream!

After a good hour, I wanted to go see some more birds. There was another activity that I could do, I was able to try on clothes that explorers may wear. I loved the thick coats but wasn’t a massive fan of their beds, there was no tv or teddies!

After I stamped my book, we wandered some more. I was pretty certain that I found a Liver bird but mummy and the sign said it wasn’t.

I even found some flamingos, I went into their house but it was very smelly and I wanted to come straight out! Yuck.

The sky was starting to look like it was going to rain, so we headed indoors to the soft play, we’ll actually I headed for the shop but everyone else wanted to go to the soft play so we did. There were frogs and other animals on display in the soft play area, I was not impressed, they scare me.

Mummy played a game called guess the amphibian, it’s like guess who with animals. with help from Ryan, I won!

It wasn’t long before it was time to go. Mummy said don’t worry, can come back soon, we have a family membership, which means I can come back whenever I want, for free!

I really enjoyed my day, I think my family did too.

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