Skin republic bubble mask!

The latest beauty craze at the moment (which I’m sure you’re all aware of simply because it is everywhere) is the Bubble face mask.

I must admit that I have been dying to try this out since I first stumbled across it on Facebook and I have been looking all over the place for it ever since, but finally this weekend whilst taking a trip to Superdrug I finally found them by the checkout! I obviously had to get Ryan one too, can’t be looking hideous on my own now can I?


Before applying, you have to massage the packet which I thought was a little odd but there we go. You then apply the sheet to your face and leave it for around 20 minutes. during that time the product reacts with the air and forms bubbles, so much so that you end up looking like bubble creature off of the Surf advert.

My initial thoughts of this face mask was how bloody gorgeous it smelt, it honestly smells amazing I can’t really describe the smell but it stayed around for a day which was a welcomed bonus!

Once the bubbles started forming and you really didn’t have to wait too long for that, all you then end up hearing for the remainder of the time you’re wearing it is the sound of all the bubbles forming around you, like when you’re led in a overly bubbly bath. It is fair to say that it did start to annoy us towards the end, even resulting to Ryan removing it a little earlier than stated.

I found that the mask had too much product on which made it slide around on my face a bit, not too much that it fell off but enough to have to rearrange it meaning that I was popping the bubbles that were forming!

Once the 20 minutes were up I had to remove the sheet and rub the excess bubbles into my skin, I was left with really soft skin which actually felt a little firmer than before.

I actually really enjoyed this face mask… In fact deep down I think we both did, however, I did think it was slightly on the expensive side (£5.49) considering it was only a one use product and there are products that you can get more than one use out off that costs a lot less –  I wouldn’t be so bothered but it isn’t even a product that really stands out from the rest in order for it to be worth that much. I did however love the smell of the product and the fact it had a load of bubbles not just a few meaning you could release your inner cloud really did make my day. I will buy this product again just not weekly like it states on the packet.

You can find this mask in Superdrug stores or on the Superdrug website by clicking here.

* Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way sponsored by Superdrug or Skin Republic, all opinions and photos are my own! You will find no affiliate links here.

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