When Should You Seek Advice From An Attorney?

The majority of my medical conditions means that being able to drive is something that I cannot do, not only will I put myself in danger but I am putting other drivers going about their day to day lives in danger too. Something that I am not for one minute going to pursue. My lack of independence on the driving front means that if family aren’t available I have to rely on busses, it’s not ideal.

I have used busses for as long as I can remember, I used to go on the bus every weekend with my Nan to shopping centres out of town. There was nothing I loved more than those special days out. Never once have I had an issue with them and I have always deemed them as safe and the drivers even safer.

One day, on a trip to Chippenham with my daughter and Nan. Shaniah had fallen asleep in my arms on the bus, nothing out of the ordinary there but we had noticed that the driver was driving faster than what he’d usually drive like, I don’t know if he was running late or it was just not his day but he was usually very calm when driving and took extra care if there was a youngster on board.

As he went around the corner he slammed on his brakes and Shaniah and I went flying down between my seat and the seats in-front. Anyone who has a toddler asleep on them knows that the ability to do anything gets whipped away from you. Eventually we managed to get back up on the chair but although everyone around me had seen what happened the driver seemed utterly oblivious to what had gone on. At first I didn’t feel any pain at all and I thought I had a lucky escape but as the day went on my back started to hurt so, so badly. over the next couple of days I had the most awful neck pain and a headache that just wouldn’t budge.

With the pain proving too much to handle I took a trip to the doctors where she said that it was more than likely that the force of the bus breaking had given me whiplash. Great! There wasn’t really much they could do so I just eased the pain with paracetamol and applied a hot water bottle and heat patches to my back and neck. Within a few weeks the pain had gone and I was back to myself again.

Had I wished that I had fought for compensation? Of course. The fact that I didn’t even mention to the company how negligent the driver was that day eats me up. What if he does it again but it’s a youngster or an elderly person that takes the brunt? Every time I think about it I just wished that I had spoken to a lawyer, someone who could have made not only the driver realise but the company realise what their drivers get up to too. Maybe next time I will be able to appoint a personal injury attorney Tampa, to help get justice.


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