Second trimester pregnancy update!

Wow! It’s been a while, in fact, I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned my pregnancy on here (what!). I honestly cannot put in to words how we are officially entering the third trimester this week. Our last trimester before baby Brushneen makes his appearance earth side. The fact that there is now only 3 months before Ryan & I become parents again is mind-blowing.

I’m not sure whether its a second baby thing or we are just simply too laid back but apart from clothes and the odd thing here and there, we haven’t actually made a massive or even remotely noticeable dent into the long list of things we need to get and do before baby arrives. Over the next few weeks, I really think I need to get my bum in gear! This is a post simply about everything that’s been going on pregnancy wise in the second trimester, my thoughts, feelings, symptoms and the likes. I love reading posts like this and its such a lovely thing to look back on in years to come.

How have I been feeling?

Honestly, much better than the first trimester, for the most part. The sickness has moved from being all day every day to every other day or so, which actually surprised me how amazing losing that couple of days of sickness actually makes me feel more human.

Amongst the sickness leaving me in a constant zombie like state, I also found myself teetering on the edge of depression during the end of the first trimester and the beginning of the second. I found myself worrying about early labour, worrying that each scan would present something concerning. every little twinge left me phoning my midwife in a state of panic and tears beyond anything I have ever had before. It got so bad that I found myself sat in front of my doctor 10 minutes before closing in floods of tears begging for help, for help to get these overwhelming thoughts out of my head, Ryan was worried that I was starting to resent the pregnancy and honestly, I was, I really, really was. Pregnancy with Shaniah was, and still is, the polar opposite of this pregnancy. I’ve got help and I’m starting to love this pregnancy and enjoy the journey for what it is, I’m growing a human and that is truly magical but it’s still okay to admit that it is hard, it is f*cking hard. It’s not all gorgeous photo shoots and bump shots, it’s PGP leaving your pelvis feeling like it’s broken into a million pieces, its being sick at stupid o’clock in the morning and then getting up and doing the school runs, it’s the absolute nightmare that is a weak bladder, it’s food aversion, the list goes on. But amongst the sh*t, there are rainbows, the little wins that need celebrating so, so hard:

  • Feeling less exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still struggling to stay awake for the whole of Love Island, I most definitely only see one 11 o’clock in a day, but during the day I no longer feel like I’m running on empty, I actually managed to do all the catering myself for Shaniah’s birthday recently, that including baking 36 corgi shaped shortbread for the children to then decorate and painful hips aside, it didn’t affect my energy level!
  • Gaviscon has kept heartburn to a minimum. Honestly I think as soon as I hit the 20 week mark heartburn kicked in, not the mild kind, the kind that leaves you pulling silly faces whilst bending your body in such a way that it might just give heartburn a hint, spoiler, it didn’t but Gaviscon sure has helped, in fact, I think at this point I’m leaning on that more than Ryan for help!
  • Pregnancy brain (brain fog) is real. I’ve recently found my phone in the fridge, walked into many a rooms and then straight back out again trying to figure out why I went there. I’ve also nearly missed more than my fair share of Shaniah related things, why do schools and clubs insist on doing more activities that require you to remember things the moment brain fog hits? Shouting out that one organised parent on the class WhatsApp group for keeping me (and many others) on track!
  • My belly has POPPED! And I’m so here for it, over the past month my belly has really started to take shape, I absolutely love having a bump, I’m certainly going to miss it. I love how this seems to be the year for family parties and weddings and the maternity dresses are so stinking cute! I don’t think I’ve ever loved my figure more than how I do how.
  • Little man moves ALL THE TIME and it’s ever so magical. I could talk for hours about this subject. He’s been very active from early on, sonographers and midwives have all commented on how energetic he is. He will kick the doppler/probe away. Anything touching my stomach will instantly make him kick – including Ryan’s head! The other day he had us in stitches as I was rubbing my fingers across my stomach and as soon as I’d stop he’d kick until I started again. I absolutely LOVE seeing how excited Ryan gets when he feels a kick or he sees my stomach move. Night time is his day, as soon as 9.30 comes on the clock, its like he puts on those dancing shoes and he will happily kick away long after I’m asleep.
  •   Facial blemishes are strong on this one. Honestly, I thought it was girl pregnancy that left your skin feeling sad but nope. The pregnancy glow has yet to reach me, instead I’m a face full of spots and rashes and it is INSANE! Messy bun and a face resembling a dalmatian leaves a lot to be desired.
  • We’ve picked his name!!! While it’s not something I’m going to be sharing on the blog for now, it’s definitely no secret with my family and friends. We’ve had such positive responses and honestly, I think it suits him perfectly.

Even though this pregnancy has been a whole planet away from my first one with Shaniah, I am still so thankful that besides the above mentioned niggles, baby boy is healthy and so am I. I couldn’t imagine loving another baby as much as I love shaniah but honestly, there is so much room in my heart and I adore them both SO MUCH. We absolutely cannot wait to hold and snuggle you.


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