Sakura Lush Bomb.

Today in my bath I decided to use the Sakura bath bomb.

If you are a regular on my blog you’ll know I absolutely love my bath bombs, fill me a tub and chuck in a bath bomb and we will be friends for life, love them!


So today I decided I’ll take Sakura in with me, it looks pretty plain on the outside but then all the best ones do, take the Dragon egg for example, pretty plain on the outside drop it into the bath and woollah! It’s like a unicorn has sneezed there is glitter everywhere you turn you get in the bath looking average and out you pop like a disco ball. So I wasn’t exactly put off by the plain Jane look because like they say it’s whats on the inside that counts… yeh.

I placed it into the bath it fizzed white, that’s okay I mean it’ll take time to get to the best bit right? WRONG. Girl you were soo wrong. It simply sank to the bottom and turned my bath water cloudy, not even a single speck of colour or glitter. Gutted.

There wasn’t really a scent left either. It was literally just a tub of cloudy water.

It was a bit of an anti-climax, but all was not lost as I remember the butterball I had only a couple of days earlier was boring but boy did my skin feel a million dollars once I jumped out. ¬†Out I got ready to feel my skin… Nothing had changed their either. The disappoint was too much.

Overall, this isn’t a bath bomb for those who like to lay back and watch a glittery, colourful show take stage in front of their eyes because truth be told that’s just not what Sakura is about. But for those of you who don’t want that big show and are put off by the strong scents that usually come hand in hand with lush products then sakura is indeed the one for you.

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