Saginaw County: The Once Industrial Engine Of Michigan

Like London during England’s industrial revolution, the city of Saginaw in the state of Michigan dragged the surrounding areas to new heights. It was an important city for the state’s lumber economy that was popular during the 19th century. It was also an industrial hub with trains and motor cars being built for the masses. However, it went through a decline when these industries began to close for many reasons such as declining demand and larger cities producing more. Slowly its returning to its former strength, and the population is beginning to rise since the mass departures when factories began closing. The Saginaw County has a population of around 200,000, but the city itself has around 50,000 residents. The city has a reputation for being very friendly for parents who want to take their children out for a day. It may be a quiet place, but that just means there are more fun facilities to go around.

Industrial museum

The Castle Museum of Saginaw County History is one of those museums that you don’t just go to look around with pleasure. It tells a story about the county right from its settlement, industrial boom and decline and right up to the modern-day. The 1914 Saginaw cycle is one of the early forms of transport for the average citizen.  It uses a small two-piston engine from the Jefferson racing motorcycles of the day, and around 35 were produced. A standalone exhibition in the museum is the sculpture of Lady Justice. It was made by an artist from New York in 1884 and formed from pressed zinc. The figure of a woman in Greco-Roman clothing stands with one leg bare and is in the pose of holding up a torch. However, due to wear over the years one of the arms is missing, but for a 134-year old sculpture, it’s in great condition.

buffet meal

A quiet hangout

Saginaw has a reputation of having a somewhat average hotel experience as the average rating is 3-stars. However, where things are done right, and you’re in a quiet hangout with great service, it’s the exception to the rule. The TownePlace Suites Saginaw is the exception as the average rating of all who have booked and stayed with her is 4.6-stars out of 5. The cleanliness and the service both match at 4.7-stars which means there’s no surprise that 94% of guests would recommend the hotel to their friends. The hotel offers guests free high-speed WiFi internet and large flat screen televisions to watch your favourite shows or movies on. If you don’t feel like any of the local restaurants are interesting then you can cook any meal you’d like in your own room thanks to your own full-sized kitchen appliances. You also receive a free healthy breakfast buffet every morning. If you need to cool off then feel free to take a swim in the indoor pool the hotel offers all guests.

It’s your typical quiet Michigan city with a classic American tale of industrial glory days. The county is a great choice for a family holiday as there are lots of activities and centres aimed at child entertainment. Saginaw is a great choice for anyone who wants to see real America and take their time doing it.

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