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There is nothing I love more than being on holiday. The relaxing vibes, the beautiful scenery the opportunities to try foods that you may not have tried before. Ryan and I very regularly talk about holiday opportunities that we would absolutely love to go on one day. Besides the obvious Disneyland one thing that always, always pops up is road trips. Although when you think of road trips you automatically assume America, Europe have some pretty spectacular sites and it’s certainly something that we would love to do. How exciting would that be?

There are so, so many places that I would love to include in my road trip if I was to list them all this post would be a right drag  so instead here are my top 3 destinations.

Road trip

1. Ring of Kerry – Ireland.

The Irish countryside is known for it’s gorgeousness. I would even go as far as to say that it is one of the prettiest countryside in Europe. Beautiful white sandy beaches, breathtaking mountains and royal goats. This really is the place to go!  I would love to go around the time of year that they crown goats king.

2. La Route Des Grandes Alpes – France

This has got to be by far the most serial view from a road trip ever. The route of the high alps! La route des grandes alpes was built for the sole purpose of tourists that wanted to reap in the alps views. This route takes us through 4 national parks and 16 mountain passes.

3. Route One – Iceland

Nothing beats the spectacular views that Iceland has to offer. Volcanoes, lava beds, waterfalls and geysers. There is so much to explore and the best way to see them is driving along route one which goes all around the island.

When taking the opportunity for a once in a lifetime road trip one thing that you need to decide is whether you are going to hire a car or use your own. If the latter is something that you quite fancy then one thing that you will need to do is get your car checked to make sure that it is up for the long journey ahead. The worst thing that you would want to do is head off on a long journey with a car that isn’t up for the job.

Kwik Fit are the perfect garage to check that your car is up to scratch, simply book in an mot and their trusty mechanics will be able to find out if your car is ready for the journey ahead and if it needs some tweaking they will be more than happy to help!


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