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Road Trip Ideas for Summer

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With Summer now upon us, what better time to plan a summer road trip to make the most of the great weather we’re expecting this year.

Of course, one of the things that can make or break a road trip is the car you choose to drive.  Now, if you’re travelling abroad in search of an epic road trip adventure the chances are you’ll be hiring a car from the destination.

If you’re starting off in England, however, it might be worth checking out nearly new Vauxhall cars as buying a nearly new car rather than brand new car makes a lot more financial sense, on the basis a car loses several thousand pounds in value as soon as it is driven off the forecourt.  Therefore, buying a nearly new car means you can either save a heap of money (that can be spent on your travel adventures) or you can upgrade to a much better car than you were originally intending.

In any event, the car your driving is important for a road trip, but the company is even more critical; so grab your favourite people, bundle them into your car, with a great summer playlist and some fantastic food then explore the world in this fantastically independent way.

Here’s some great inspiration for where to head to:


The Wild Atlantic Way, in Ireland, is the longest coastal route in the world, running over 2,500km along the Western Coast of Ireland.  The great thing about this trip is that there’s an incredible amount to see and do in such a short distance, with varied and spectacular views, plus it’s pretty handy to get to from the UK.  Indeed, it might be much cheaper to drive over than hire a car in Ireland, as it’s notoriously expensive to rent a car in Ireland.


If you’re looking for something much further away, heading to Ecuador for this epic journey might be up your street.  This route is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, fiery volcanoes, and colourful villages housing some of the warmest people in the world.


If you’re looking for pristine countryside, then Canada is the place to be, and on the Cowboy Trail you can get away from it all as you follow the route from Southern Alberta through the lunar landscape of the badlands and the breathtaking Rocky Mountains.


Now, you could simply drive up the motorway and get the journey over with in less than a couple of days, but this trip from the southernmost point of the UK to the Northern tip passes through some incredibly beautiful landscapes, meaning you don’t need to leave the country in order to have an epic trip.  Take the back roads and make sure you have plenty of time to stop off and explore some of the lesser known towns and villages within England.


  1. ROUTE 66

If you’re looking for something famous, then Route 66 will certainly tick this box, and it will soon be celebrating its 100th birthday, as one of the first numbered roads in the US.  The dream is to hire a classic convertible as you drive from Chicago to Santa Monica in California, covering 2,451 miles, through a landscape that at times looks like you could be part of an old-fashioned western movie.

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