Reminiscing on September 2018

September, Like every month before it absolutely flew by. September 2018 is a month that I will never forget. It’s the month that Shaniah started school, the month where she truly blossomed and became herself.


What we got up to:

September was a very busy month, jam-packed to be precise. The beginning of September saw Shaniah start a new chapter in her life,¬†SCHOOL! I was undoubtedly nervous, Shaniah never went to Playgroup or nursery and although it didn’t hold her back from interacting with those that she met in the street or supermarkets, I wasn’t overly sure how she would find school. I guess part of that was me being a protective mother and wanting to shield her from the world?

Rewind to the 3rd of September, Shaniah walked into class with a spring in her step and the biggest smile I have ever seen. She is one sociable child and I can only imagine that a room full of people to interact with was heaven to her.

shaniah with a letter board giggling

Fast forward to now, and she is still as enthusiastic when it comes to school as she was back then. She is yet to get a yellow sticker because she has cheeky moments. She even took her school dinner back to the dinner lady because “it tasted like cow” and whilst I stood there being told of this event all I could think of was how glad I am that she didn’t use a certain word that she uses all the time at home. School aye, it was never going to be easy with such a larger than like character.

With Shaniah being at school, I won’t lie, I have started Christmas shopping. Ryan and I have been really money conscious this year after we worked out earlier in the year just how much money we were wasting on rubbish. So far I haven’t purchased a single present that didn’t have a saving of some sort. We have even switched to Aldi and saved a fortune there too. It also seems like you guys love a good saving as well as to this date, my best ever views on a post have been those on my “Christmas on a budget” post.

Just when we thought we finally had a good amount of disposable income, my trusty Galaxy Note 8 decided to give up the ghost. If you follow any of my social media pages, you will know that I absolutely loved my Note, in fact I could regularly be found singing its praises. A few months ago, Shaniah bounced and landed on it when she was bouncing on my bed. That resulted in my screen cracking and leaving a lovely black splodge on the left hand side. Arghh. Since then my phone was slowly giving up and eventually a couple of weeks ago the whole screen went black and unresponsive. A quick trip to Tesco after school pick up and I am now back in play with a brand new Samsung. I still miss my note though.

What else happened?

Shaniah has had endless amounts of play date offers, something I knew was coming but just not so soon. Ryan and I had out first date night in ages and boy was it needed. Ooh, I even had my first Big Mac… Yes, you did read that right. I hit 21 this year and I have only just had my first Big Mac. Until now, I have been a loyal McChicken sandwich fan but boy is the jolly old Big Mac a game changer.

Favourite meal

Ah boy this is always a hard one. I whipped up a load of brand new meals during September, and honestly, I have loved them all. I think ultimately though it’s going to have to be the slow cooked beef curry, simply because it gives off those Autumnal vibes and I am all for that right now. My whole family absolutely loves this meal, my brother already asking for more!

Beef curry with naan bread and popadoms

It really is the perfect meal for this time of year.

Favourite moment.

My favourite moment of the month has to go to Shaniah starting school. I am sure that is probably super obvious but I have never been so proud. The way she just took to school is amazing, even to the point where she gets upset that she cannot attend school during the weekend. I do have to give her teacher some credit for all this though, because he makes school fun for all the children and that really does help.

Favourite post.

Now this is easy! My favourite post that I wrote during September has to be the one that I wrote to Shaniah on her first day of school. I know that she isn’t going to read it for a good few years, if ever. But the thought that one day she will stumble across it makes me so happy. I am ever so proud of her and I do hope that it comes across that way.

Favourite Photo.

shaniah on a swing

This is by far my favourite photo. It seems pretty ordinary but if you know Shaniah you’ll know that she has never plucked up the courage to go on a swing. I am not entirely sure why but she has always been super nervous when it comes to going on the swings. A trip to our local park at the weekend saw Shaniah actually ask to go on them. We were vlogging our weekend as well so we managed to catch her asking on camera! What a moment.

There we have it, the lowdown on September, I absolutely love doing these posts, although I haven’t actually done one in a while, sometimes life just gets in the way doesn’t it? It’s been lovely looking back over the past month. Now I am off to grab myself a cuppa and find our Halloween costumes!


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